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Equipment and tools: June 2017 new product rollout

Published on 02 June 2017
North Star Tuff silage trailer

North Star Agri Solutions introduces new silage trailers

North Star Agri Solutions announced the introduction of its new line of silage trailers. The American-made North Star Tuff Commercial Pro 36-foot Silage Trailer features:

  • True inside width of 95 1/2 inches
  • Hendrickson air ride suspension
  • 5-feet tall standard sidewalls with 30-inch sidewall extensions for hauling silage
  • 3/8 inch floating Super Slide plastic liner
  • Dual massive hydraulic floor drive motors
  • Replicable babbitt bearings (not plastic)
  • #80 chain reduction drive designed for easy service and maintenance
  • Manually adjustable floor chains tension

Each multipurpose trailer features a load volume of 28 to 30 tons of 68 percent moisture corn silage and 30 to 40 tons of manure.

Massey Ferguson high-clearance tractor

Massey Ferguson launches high-clearance utility tractor

Massey Ferguson, a worldwide brand of AGCO Corp., introduces a high-clearance (HC) utility tractor to meet the needs of specialty crop growers throughout central California and other specialty crop regions of North America. The Massey Ferguson 4610M High-Clearance Utility Tractor delivers the crop clearance growers need to care for high-value crops such as berries, broccoli, potatoes, tobacco and many other types of produce without damaging the crop. The tractor is available through the company’s dealers and will be configured to fit the needs of each individual operation.

The tractors are designed with versatility to fit many needs. Weighing more than 4 tons, the tractors boast 100 engine hp, a long wheelbase and excellent power-to-weight ratio for stability in the field. Two different tire sizes provide the tractor with drawbar ground clearance of either 27.7 or 31 inches. In addition, the tractors may be configured for either 60-inch or 80-inch track widths and as many as seven track settings with the use of axle extensions.

To handle a wide variety of implements, the HC tractor is equipped with a category II hitch, 540/540E PTO and up to three rear hydraulic remotes. With 4,400 pounds in lift capacity at 24 inches behind the ball ends, this tractor can complete even the most demanding tasks. Telescopic lower links make implement changes easier and faster.

The tractors are powered by a Tier 4, three-cylinder engine from AGCO Power. The engine features four valves per cylinder to improve airflow and enhance the fuel/air mixture.

Electronic engine management is incorporated into the power system with a high-pressure common-rail (HPCR) fuel injection system. The engine management system monitors every aspect of the engine’s operation, resulting in optimum performance and lower fuel consumption.

New Holland tractors

New Holland Agriculture debuts new Boomer and Workmaster tractor lineup

New Holland Agriculture revitalized its product offering in 2017 with new Boomer and Workmaster lineups complete with an all-new Boomer model, the Boomer 55.

The ultimate power tool for homeowners, ag-lifestylers, landscapers, farmers, golf courses and municipalities, the Boomer lineup debuts the most powerful Boomer to date, the Boomer 55. The tractor delivers higher horsepower – 55 gross horsepower – without additional weight for maximum performance and productivity. In addition to accomplishing more in less time, this tractor’s higher power-to-weight ratio translates into lower ground pressure to reduce compaction and turf damage.

The new Boomer lineup features a completely automatic emissions system and a high-capacity, dual-pump hydraulic system that provides fast implement response and steering, along with Boomer Guard6, to provide peace of mind.

The new Workmaster lineup includes two rugged, economical compact tractors – 35 and 40 horsepower – offering more speed choices than competitive tractors, an emissions system that’s automatic, and it boasts high-capacity hydraulics to deliver a dedicated flow of 8.2 gallons per minute and a three-point hitch lift capacity of 1,807 pounds.

Workmaster tractors have a big-tractor backbone with heavy castings for the engine, transmission and rear axles. A cast-iron block, heavy-duty internal components and proven technology enables the new three-cylinder engines to deliver gutsy, fuel-efficient power.

John Deere 5R tractor

John Deere releases 5R Series tractors

John Deere introduced its new 5R Series tractors. A 7.4-foot wheelbase paired with a 60-degree steering angle, provides a tight turning radius of 12.1 feet. Customers working in confined areas such as barns will be able to easily maneuver in tight areas, increasing their productivity.

Shifting is virtually effortless with two fully electronic transmission options, CommandQuad Manual and Command8. Using a multi-range selection, the operator can toggle from B range through D range without stopping.

Six halogen work lights (two front, two rear, and two side) are included as standard equipment to shine brightly and improve visibility in low-light conditions. For maximum illumination, owners can choose to replace the halogen lights with optional factory- or field-installed LED lights.

The 5R can be equipped with the company’s 540R Loader. The loader’s automatic mast latch, single-point hydraulic connection, remote implement latch and slide-slung self-leveling links provide an integrated loader experience for the tractor operator. Removal or installation of the loader can be accomplished with a single trip out of the cab, thanks to a latch system that automatically connects the loader once contact is made between the loader boom and mounting frames, simplifying the connection process.

To improve loader operation, a mechanical or electrohydraulic loader joystick option is integrated into the swivel seat. Gearshift buttons and a joystick reverser are built into the loader joystick control.

Harvest Tec 300 series iPad monitor

New 300 Series hay preservative applicator for round balers

A new, lower cost preservative applicator system is now available for all brands of round balers. Harvest Tec’s 300 Series measures crop moisture accurately and applies the exact required amount of preservative to hay as it’s baled to avoid deterioration, maintain quality and protect animal health. Along with its lower cost, the new 300 Series is smaller, more compact, while easier to install and maintain than the previous system.

As a major benefit for operators, the new system uses an Apple iPad or iPad Mini for its display monitor (sold separately). It is wirelessly connected via Bluetooth and serves as a bright, colorful, vivid, interactive display.

The 300 System provides safe and efficient baling of hay up to 30 percent moisture, and accurately reads moisture up to 60 percent for baleage storage. Baling at higher moisture produces a heavier, denser bale, adding more tonnage per cutting.  end mark

—Compiled by Progressive Forage staff

PHOTOS: Photos courtesy of North Star Agri Solutions, Massey Ferguson, New Holland Agriculture, John Deere and Harvest Tec.