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Equipment and tools: June 2016 new product rollout

Published on 02 June 2016
Harvest Tec iPad

Apple iPad becomes the in-cab display monitor

Hay producers can now use their Apple iPad or iPad Mini as the in-cab display for the new 400T Automatic Preservative Applicator from Harvest Tec.

Since many producers already own an iPad, there is an immediate cost saving. As the optional display, the iPad’s touch screen is bright, colorful and durable, with Bluetooth connectivity and no wiring harness needed.

The new 400T Automatic Applicator is Harvest Tec’s latest hay preservative system for small square and round balers. It is available from all major baler brands. This automatic control system accurately senses moisture on-the-go and adjusts the application of preservative to match the condition of the hay. This precision operation minimizes waste by applying the exact amount of product needed to maintain crop quality.

The applicator takes moisture and baling rate information from two star wheel sensors in square balers and moisture discs in round balers. Its three-pump system then applies the correct amount of preservative. Moisture, tonnage and baling rates are all displayed on the screen, along with the volume of product being used. The iPad, or the standard touch-screen display, gives the operator complete control and information. A selection of additional screens provides settings adjustment and job records. The system stores data from 63 jobs by date and time, number of tons baled and product used, along with high and average moisture.

John Deere Mobile RTK Network map

RTK machine guidance system from John Deere expands

John Deere has expanded its RTK differential correction offerings with the introduction of John Deere Mobile RTK Signal. This latest innovation in machine guidance and telematics delivers repeatable RTK accuracy to a machine via a cellular connection to accurately and reliably guide precise field operations.

“Machines equipped with a StarFire 3000 receiver and JDLink Connect-enabled Modular Telematics Gateway can now connect to a central server to receive the Mobile RTK Signal correction from a number of established networked RTK base stations,” said Jarred Karnei, product marketing manager for the company.

As part of the Mobile RTK Network, which is supported by Leica Geosystems, the cellular RTK Signal correction eliminates the line-of-sight requirement to a single base station. For operators in the field, this means improved operational accuracy and connection reliability when working in hilly or mountainous terrain or in areas with significant tree cover, which can interrupt radio RTK signal connections.

According to Karnei, to complete a Mobile RTK system, customers need an RTK-activated StarFire 3000 receiver, JDLink Connect-enabled Modular Telematics Gateway (MTG 3G) and a Mobile RTK Signal subscription. For customers currently running AutoTrac with an active JDLink Connect subscription, there is no additional hardware or data plan that has to be purchased, just the Mobile RTK Signal subscription.

The Mobile RTK Network is available in certain areas of the U.S. and Canada. The company plans to continue to expand the Mobile RTK Network coverage. Mobile RTK Signal is a supplemental offering to the company’s radio-based RTK coverage many John Deere dealers offer today.

Kuhn manure spreader

Manure spreaders redesigned by Kuhn

The redesigned Kuhn Knight SL 100 Series ProTwin Slinger manure spreaders provide next level performance and reliability to give you the maximum return on your equipment dollars.

The unique twin-auger design and exclusive body construction allow the spreader to handle the widest variety of wet and dry materials compared with any spreader on the market. The all-new, fully adjustable shroud improves material breakup for more consistent, accurate spreading. The SL 114, with a wider discharge, provides faster unloading than the previous model. A new hammer design provides more wear surface on the bottom edge to extend hammer life. The new SL 100 series manure spreaders are available in 1,000 to 2,400-gallon capacities.

AgVentive TiltSpear

AgVentive announces tilting double-bale spear

AgVentive is an agricultural equipment innovation company headquartered in Holstein, Iowa. The newest product to be introduced to the market is TiltSpear – a hydraulically tilting double-bale spear. This product has been developed and patented over the past two years, and is now being offered for sale to the public for the first time.

Historically, in order for a bale producer to move more than one bale at a time, the process would require the operator to engage a bale, move it next to a second bale, disengage the first, and finally reengage both bales simultaneously. This process can be very time-consuming, requiring the handling of each bale an additional time. This process also increases the risk of damaging the net wrap that contains the loose material, which makes up the bale.

All of these concerns and inefficiencies are problems of the past with TiltSpear. This fully hydraulic bale spear allows the operator to engage the first bale, then simply rotate the spear the other direction and engage a second bale without ever reversing or disengaging either bale. It consists of four, 48-inch tines rated at 3,800 pounds. The attachment is also sold with a universal bolt-on design that accommodates all MDS mounting couplers, allowing the bale spear to be compatible with virtually any front-end loader, skid loader or tractor.  end mark

—Compiled by Progressive Forage staff

PHOTOS: Photos provided by Harvest Tec, John Deere, Kuhn North America and AgVentive.