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Equipment and tools: July 2016 new product rollout

Published on 01 July 2016
John Deere StarFire 6000 Receiver

StarFire 6000 Receiver from John Deere

John Deere takes satellite-based guidance to even higher levels of accuracy, repeatability and signal pull-in speed with the introduction of the StarFire 6000 receiver and SF3 signal.

The receiver offers a full range of differential correction levels, from the base SF1 satellite-delivered signal to the premium RTK option, offering the all-new SF3 correction level, which delivers 40 percent greater pass-to-pass accuracy, new in-season repeatability and 66 percent faster pull-in time than the previous SF2 correction level.

With the combination of the new receiver and SF3 signal, customers can get RTK-like accuracy without having to invest in an RTK system, or if they are operating in fields without an RTK network.

The receiver can track up to three satellite signals at once, intelligently choose the one that will deliver the best performance and automatically switch to an alternate signal to help maintain accuracy and performance if the primary signal is blocked.

An improved rapid recovery feature allows for a quicker return to high-accuracy performance if the GNSS signals are lost due to shading from trees, buildings or terrain. StarFire 6000 RTK customers also receive up to 14 days of RTK Extend, which allows machinery to keep operating with guidance even with a lost or interrupted signal.

In addition, the receiver has a built-in USB port to more quickly and easily install software updates in about three minutes compared with more than 20 minutes with the previous receivers. The receiver also has a built-in 8GB data-logger to capture and store data for improved troubleshooting and diagnostics.

Current StarFire iTC and Starfire 3000 customers can easily upgrade to the new StarFire 6000 Receiver and SF3 signal this year. This newest guidance technology can be factory installed on model year 2017 sprayers, combines, tractors and other platforms.

John Deere AutoTrac Vision

AutoTrac Vision and AutoTrac RowSense from John Deere

Two new AutoTrac products are available to help row crop producers and ag service providers more accurately navigate row crop fields when making post-emergence sprayer applications.

AutoTrac Vision utilizes a single-lens camera to detect crop rows and help steer the sprayer down the center of the row for early post-emergence applications. AutoTrac RowSense uses a row sensor similar to that used on combines to detect crop rows and steer the sprayer to the center of the row for later season post applications.

The introduction of these two guidance products is designed to help large-scale, row crop producers and ag service providers work more quickly, cover more acres and reduce run-over damage to crops when spraying in the fields.

New AutoTrac Vision uses a monocular camera mounted on the front of the sprayer to detect crop rows and to steer the vehicle between the rows for early season post- emergence applications. It is currently approved for use in corn, soybeans and cotton planted in 30-inch rows starting when the crop is at least 6 inches tall. It can be used until there is at least 3 inches of soil showing between rows or up to 90 percent canopy closure.

AutoTrac RowSense uses a sensor paddle mounted on the sprayer wheel to detect crop rows and to help steer the machine down the center of the row. Designed to be used later in the growing season, it is currently approved for use in corn at least 4 feet tall planted in 30-inch rows.

John Deere high capacity nutrient applicator

High capacity nutrient applicator from John Deere

To help ag service providers and large-scale producers apply fertilizer and lime to more acres per day during short, busy application seasons, John Deere introduces the F4365 High Capacity Nutrient Applicator.

This new machine offers increased capacity with a 330 cubic foot New Leader dry spinner spreader that can apply fertilizer at rates up to 1,100 pounds per acre and lime at rates up to 6,600 pounds per acre. Another important feature is the machine’s ability to variable-rate apply up to four different products during a single pass, with spreader widths of 60 to 90 feet.

This high capacity nutrient applicator is powered by a John Deere PowerTech PSS 9L engine and features an IVT transmission. These machines integrate a new Generation 4 CommandCenter Display with SpreadStar, AutoTrac and Section Control at your fingertips.

These machines are also equipped with JDLink Connect with service advisor remote and wireless data transfer to connect your fleet. AgLogic is available to optimize the machine with the tendering fleet and maximize productivity. All this is designed to ensure accurate product placement and make it seamless and easy to collect and transfer important data.

In addition, John Deere has enlarged and enhanced the operator environment with a CommandView III cab, making it more comfortable and quieter for operators spending long days running over rough field conditions. These new machines have a 46 mph road transport speed and up to a 30 mph application speed, reducing the time it takes to get between fields and over fields.

Michelin Cerexbib tire on tractor

Low-pressure agriculture tires from Michelin

Faced with finding tires to support today’s heavier farm equipment, farmers are also looking to protect the integrity of the soil, improve productivity and enhance crop performance on their farms. One of the most effective ways to improve yield is to minimize soil compaction by using tires that are designed to operate at lower air pressures compared with standard radial tires.

To this end, Michelin is introducing three new tires for North American farmers that are designed with Michelin Ultraflex Technology, a tire and casing design that promotes soil protection, fuel savings, longer service life and greater endurance.

SprayBibTM VF 480/80R46 177D

The new VF480/80R46 177D Michelin SprayBib is one of the latest additions to Michelin’s VF sprayer line. Part of the Michelin Ultraflex Technologies portfolio, this new SprayBib is designed to offer the farmer a unique sprayer tire that falls between the standard, narrow row crop tire and a flotation tire for pre-planting applications. This tire provides a load capacity of up to 16,094 pounds, at speeds of up to 40 mph, all while maintaining a low-inflation pressure to minimize soil damage and maximize traction.

SprayBibTM VF 380/90R54 176D

Designed for high-clearance sprayers and row crop tractors, the new Michelin VF380/90R54 176D SprayBib has the load capacity to carry today’s largest sprayers and planters on the market and does so at very low pressures compared with standard radial tires. Because of these lower air pressures, it provides a huge footprint that delivers the traction required by tractors used in narrow-row spacing.

CereXBibTM IF 1000/55R32 CFO 188A8

The largest harvester tire in the Michelin portfolio, the IF1000/55R32 CFO 188A8 CereXBib is designed for use on large harvesters and grain carts. Harvesters and grain carts are among the heaviest machines to hit the field and have surpassed the weight capacities of most radial tires. This new Ultraflex tire carries these loads at lower pressures to guarantee the least possible soil compaction and rutting.  end mark

—Compiled by Progressive Forage staff

PHOTOS: Photos provided by John Deere and Michelin.