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Equipment and tools: January 2017 new product rollout

Published on 02 January 2017
Massey Ferguson triple windrow attachment

Hesston by Massey Ferguson brings haying triple windrow attachment to market

Hesston by Massey Ferguson introduced a new triple windrow attachment for WR9800 self-propelled windrowers.

Designed specifically to enhance forage harvesting efficiency, the attachment allows operators to place freshly cut forage in the windrow configuration best suited to the capacity and capability of the operator’s forage harvester or baler. This capability eliminates raking or merging windrows together, reducing trips through the field, lowering fuel and equipment costs and reducing labor needs.

Design features enhance performance, ease of use

The triple windrow attachment is easy to operate and configure to the crop conditions and the needs of the harvester. A new design allows quick, easy operator adjustment of the discharge angle control at the end of the deck, putting the windrow exactly where the operator wants it. A new belt tensioning system features simple, one-bolt adjustment.

The attachment can be raised and lowered independently of the header position, and the draper belt automatically stops moving once the deck reaches the raised position. Thoughtful location of the 48-inch-wide draper deck under the tractor allows a longer 128-inch deck for better crop placement options and greater ability to accommodate heavy crop.

Challenger mid-range tractor

Challenger introduces mid-range tractors – MT400E series

Challenger launched the MT400E series tractors with five new models in this series. With max engine horsepower ratings from 120 to 160 and the choice of three transmission options, including the TechStar (CVT), they are ideal for all-around use on livestock and row crop operations. Models include the MT455E (120 hp), MT465E (130 hp), MT475E (140 hp), MT485E (150 hp) and MT495E (160 hp).

These tractors boast a base weight of 15,432 pounds and maximum loader lift capacity of 5,032 pounds at the pivot pin. An optional, factory-installed live third function enables up to three loader functions simultaneously to make loader work even easier.

Row-crop operators also will appreciate having all controls at their fingertips, from easy configuration and setup of headland management to flow control valves for the hydraulic system on the pillar panel and console. The tractors also are well suited for roadside mowing and municipal use.

The tractors are powered with a 4.9 L AGCO Power four-cylinder diesel engine meeting EPA Tier 4 Final emission standards using selective catalytic reduction (SCR) – meaning no diesel particulate filter, no regeneration requirements and no exhaust gas recirculation system. The engine service interval is 600 hours.

Each of the three transmission choices for the series include:

  • The TechStar CVT, a true continuously variable transmission with no clutch packs, capable of road speeds of up to 31 mph
  • The AutoPower VI, 24F/24R Semi-Powershift with four ranges and six powershifts per range and road speeds of up to 31 mph
  • The standard AutoPower IV, 16F/16R Semi-Powershift with four ranges and four powershifts per range with a max road speed of up to 25 mph

Caterpillar portable generator

Caterpillar enters generator market

Caterpillar is entering the home and outdoor power market with the introduction of portable generators – the Cat RP Series.

The new generators are designed to provide reliable backup or recreational power to residential users and portable power to professional contractors who need power tools and lights on the job. The initial models of portable generators in the Cat RP Series range in size and power from 3.6 kW to 7.5 kW in North America and 2.5 kW to 4.4 kW in Europe.

Vulcan Grip

Vulcan Grip introduced to market

All modern forage harvesters transmit most of their horsepower through V-belts. So, V-belt slippage and pulley wear directly impact an operator's maintenance and operational costs.

In July 2016, the U.S. Patent Office issued U.S. Patent No. 9,382,995. Called Vulcan Grip, this remarkable technology does two things – it eliminates slippage in V-belt drive systems and is guaranteed to never wear out.

Vulcan Grip is a factory-applied coating for pulleys, and works with all brands of V-belts. It can be applied to re-machined, worn pulleys. This product ends pulley wear, even in the harshest soils, and means no more belts being torn up by worn pulleys.

AM R three-point disc mower

Three-point disc mower is the next generation mower from Krone

Krone presents its newest performer in innovative mowing capabilities, the AM R three-point disc mower. The AM R series is evolving mower technology, combining cutting-edge design, durability and efficiency into an elite new generation of mowers.

The three-point disc mower features QuickChange blades, making the blade changing process easy and efficient by needing only a single, on-board tool that comes with the mower. The proven Krone SmartCut cutterbar provides increased blade overlap, allowing for a better cut quality in all crop conditions. The cutterbar also features no inner skid shoe to reduce blockages and improve crop flow. The AM R offers a beltless drive system, powered by a highly efficient drive shaft system for reduced maintenance and superb performance.

Innovation continues with this mower series, utilizing the SafeCut hub system. Designed to protect the gears in case of contact with a foreign object in the field, the SafeCut hubs shear a roll pin and eliminate impact on the spur gears to reduce the risk of damage.

The new three-point disc mower is the next generation of the AM disc mower series and will be replacing the AM model over the next two years.  end mark

—Compiled by Progressive Forage staff

PHOTOS: Photos courtesy of Massey Ferguson, Challenger, Caterpillar, Extreme Industrial Coatings LLC and Krone.