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Equipment and tools: January 2016 new product rollout

Published on 08 January 2016
LaForge’s PowerFold automatic folding system for front hitches

LaForge automatic folding system for front hitches

The American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers (ASABE) has named LaForge’s PowerFold automatic folding system for front hitches the winner of a 2016 AE50 award.

AE50 awards honor the year’s most innovative designs in engineering products or systems for the food and agriculture industries. The PowerFold allows for folding and unfolding of the tractor’s front three-point hitch by simply pushing a button in the cab. It’s a big step forward in enhancing comfort and safety for tractor operators.

HarvestMaster releases new field applicator

HarvestMaster, a provider of agricultural data collection solutions, has introduced a new field applicator that applies various treatments to specific field plots. The field applicator is easily controlled from within the company’s Mirus field data collection software using a simple software plugin.

Using the field applicator plugin, users can select which treatments to apply to individual plots from within the Mirus dashboard, and users can choose to control the field applicator either manually or automatically, based on GPS location. This system significantly reduces error in treatment applications and improves productivity by streamlining the application process in the field.

Compatible with a wide range of research spray systems, the field applicator plugin eliminates the usual bulky and often confusing toggle switch boxes that are typically used to control field applicators. The user simply imports a file that specifies which formulation is to be applied to each plot, then selects whether to control the applicator manually or through GPS positioning data, and the system is ready to go.

Small grains draper heads from John Deere

John Deere introduces the 500D series draper platforms as the perfect match for the W235 and W260 self-propelled windrowers. When paired together, the three 500D series draper models – from 25 to 36 feet – offer improved operational control, constant header speed and cutting performance in challenging conditions.

The new 500D is interchangeable with rotary heads on both the W235 and W260 self-propelled windrowers. By using a single traction unit with the new 500D for small grains and a 994, 995 or 500R rotary platform for hay, producers can save up to 35 percent compared with the cost of two machines and two heads.

The new drapers are equipped with quick-change reel teeth, which require few tools and a simple 90-degree turn to remove and replace a broken tooth. The new drapers are available in three models – 525D (25 feet), 530D (30 feet) and 536D (36 feet).

Gator XUV 825i comes to market

John Deere is offering a new special edition Gator utility vehicle geared towards crop and livestock producers who work long days and nights, and require additional storage to keep their tools organized and easily accessible.

The XUV 825i Special Edition Gator features two integrated cargo toolboxes ideal for carrying tools or supplies, plus LED roof lights for added visibility.

The two cargo boxes are situated on the driver and passenger side of the 50 hp, 812 cc vehicle. The driver’s side box opens from the top and has two divided compartments with a removable tray. The passenger side box opens from the side and features one open compartment. Both toolboxes boast 75-pound capacity.

The special edition Gator also features two integrated LED roof lights designed for producers who are out early in the morning or late at night. The new LED lights produce 74 percent more lumens than equivalent halogen work lights and last 250 times longer.

In addition, the heavy-duty model is outfitted with power steering, a deluxe cargo box with a polyurea liner, integrated brake and taillights, and an operator protective structure (OPS) with nets. A power and front protection package includes power lift, a heavy-duty front brush guard and fender guard.

Alliance Tire Group 550 Multi-Use Tire on Vector

Alliance expands agriculture VF tire line with new sprayer sizes

Alliance Tire Group (ATG) increased its selection of steel-belted VF (very high flexion) tires with four new sizes specifically designed for self-propelled sprayers.

VF tire technology – which allows for greater flex in the sidewall – has been incorporated into the Alliance Agriflex 354 and 363 lines, models that were first introduced as IF (increased flexion) tires.

Because of the increased flexibility in their sidewalls and special bead packages, the new 354 VF and 363 VF lines can carry up to 40 percent greater load at the same level of inflation as their conventional radial counterparts, or carry the same load with 30 percent less inflation pressure. With the introduction of the 354 VF in 380/80R38, 320/105R46 and 480/95R50 sizes and the 363 VF in 270/95R48 (11.2R48), the company’s IF and VF offerings include 44 sizes in three designs.

At lower inflation pressures, VF technology allows for a dramatic increase in the footprint of the tire, says Trent Wallin, agriculture product manager for Alliance Tire Americas. The result is not only less soil compaction from distributing the load’s weight over more surface area, but also the other benefits of greater flotation, including higher traction, better fuel economy and less disturbance of the soil surface, he says.

According to Wallin, ATG has also introduced its 550 Multi-Use Tire in sizes suitable for sprayers. The tire offers excellent flotation, and its block pattern tread delivers all-weather traction and outstanding self-cleaning.  FG

—Compiled by Progressive Forage Grower staff

PHOTOS: Photos provided by American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers, and Alliance Tire Group.