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Equipment and tools: December 2017 new product rollout

Published on 05 December 2017
Kuhn Krause Dominator 4860

New Kuhn Krause Dominator 4860 primary tillage system

The new Dominator 4860 meets the product requests voiced by customers searching for optimal tilled width productivity.

Increased productivity was achieved by designing a 24-inch shank spacing and incorporating additional “up-time” features, like no daily grease maintenance, extended life subsoil points, a non-speed sensitive rear disc conditioner and a new hydraulic reel option. The new 4860 is available in 14-, 18-, 22- and 26-foot (RTK) cut widths.

The primary tillage machine redefines soil and residue movement through the use of an offset coulter design, in relation to the deep tillage shanks, and an innovative reverse-tandem disc conditioner with individually mounted, 24-inch wavy disc blades with reverse mounted Rock-Flex C-arms on 12-inch spacing to continuously level the soil profile and incorporate residue, even in adverse conditions.

The constant pressure, hydraulic coulter system consistently slices tough residue with large 25-inch coulters as it automatically adapts to changing field contours and various soil conditions without operator guidance. The coulters are offset indexed to the path of the shanks, forcing soil to be moved up the face of the 3,000-pound deep tillage shanks to incorporate more residue while producing maximum soil fracture on 24-inch spacing.

New exclusive chromium carbide deep tillage points provide extended wear life versus competitive points, with field tests proving up to two times the life of current points in normal and rocky soil conditions. Both 7-inch winged and 2.5-inch straight points are available.

An industry first for a primary tillage machine, the reverse-tandem disc conditioner first moves soil inward, then moves soil outward in order to thoroughly mix soil and residue – opposite of tandem disc designs on all other combination primary tillage machines.

AGCO WR9900 Series self-propelled windrower

Hesston by Massey Ferguson introduces WR9900 Series self-propelled windrowers

Hesston by Massey Ferguson, the hay equipment brand from AGCO Corp., introduced the company’s next generation of self-propelled windrowers. Designed to deliver more horsepower and throughput capacity, the WR9900 Series offers four new models, all with the power and capability to operate 9200 Series auger and disc headers and the new 5400 Series draper headers. The WR9900 Series replaces the WR9800 Series and includes the WR9950 (160 hp), WR9960 (197 hp), WR9970 (235 hp) and WR9980 (265 hp) models.

Power is the watchword for the new windrowers, and it begins with engines optimized specifically for use in these windrowers. The WR9950 and WR9960 are equipped with the AGCO Power 4.9L four-cylinder diesel engines, while the WR9970 and WR9980 are powered by the AGCO Power 7.4L six-cylinder diesel engines.

Providing the power for cutting the crop is a new hydraulic system that delivers a 20 percent increase in available flow to 16-foot headers, increasing the performance and throughput, especially in heavy crop conditions. A new, larger tandem hydraulic pump delivers additional hydraulic flow to the header, and new, larger hydraulic motors on the 16-foot disc header delivers that power to the cutterbar and conditioner rolls. In addition, the hydraulic oil cooler is now larger to accommodate the increased hydraulic capabilities of the new series.

The new series features two different engines that enable all four models to run either rotary or disc headers. All engines are designed for ag and optimized specifically for the windrower to provide greater horsepower within the operating range. All models are capable of operating draper, auger or rotary headers. The WR9950 is designed to operate a 13-foot disc header, and the remaining three models can be equipped with either a 13- or 16-foot header.

Kuhn Krause Interceptor 8050

New Kuhn Krause Interceptor 8050 high-speed tillage

The Interceptor 8050 is Kuhn Krause’s high-speed tillage solution for controlling troublesome, chemical resistant weeds and a whole lot more. Developed to provide a clean width of cut, it provides growers with a smooth seedbed floor and a level surface for accurate seeding.

A single row of heavy-duty, adjustable, 30-inch tines are mounted directly behind the front row of 32-flute Excalibur CT (conservation tillage) blades forcing “airborne” material downward toward the field surface. This begins the soil leveling process and aids in evenly distributing residue ahead of the transport wheels, rear blades and the proven Star Wheel treader rear attachment. No daily grease maintenance features, along with speed of operation, can improve operator productivity. Designed for growers who prefer a high-speed tillage product with a more aggressive nature, this product can meet expectations.

Two parallel rows of 22-inch diameter by 32-flute Excalibur CT shallow concavity blades size and evenly distribute tough residue into the worked soil profile. A six-bolt hub mount secures each Excalibur CT blade to individual blade arms formed with compound angles to direct soil and residue flow from the blades. A high-speed tillage pass with this tillage system controls stubborn, chemical resistant, young weed growth.

This high-speed tillage system has the potential to increase the adoption of higher planting speeds in both conventional and conservation tillage systems. Adjustable, constant-flow hydraulic wing down pressure allows the Interceptor to maintain consistent soil penetration across the working width, while operating at higher field speeds, a first step toward accurate planter seed placement. Additional standard features include: no daily grease maintenance bearings for the Excalibur CT blades, walking beam pivots, wing fold and wheel lift pivots, plus Star Wheel treader gangs and 24/7 HD conditioning reels. It is available in 20-, 25- and 30-foot sizes.

John Deere 9RX narrow track tractor

John Deere adds three new narrow track versions to its 9RX Tractor lineup

John Deere introduces three new 9RX Narrow Track Tractors, expanding its lineup of high-horsepower machines. Equipped with a narrow undercarriage, these four-track tractors are an ideal fit for 22-, 30- and 40-inch row-crop applications.

Three models are available with 420, 470 or 520 horsepower to easily handle high-speed planters, nutrient application bars, large grain carts or other high-horsepower needs. With this introduction, the John Deere 9 Family of Tractors now includes wheeled, two- and four-tracks, and narrow- or wide-undercarriage configurations.

All of the new narrow track tractors provide row-crop farmers the ability to cover more acres per day with improved row-crop capabilities, more horsepower featuring the latest advances in engine technology and enhanced flotation along with plenty of ground-gripping traction. The narrow-undercarriage tractor can be fitted with available 18- or 24-inch wide tracks and set to a track spacing of 80, 88 or 120 inches.

Large jobs are more manageable and long days in the field quickly pass by thanks to a 400-gallon diesel fuel tank, increased hydraulic capacity and the integrated guidance and information management systems available on these new tractors.

John Deere Gator XUV utility vehicle

John Deere introduces new Gator XUV models

Designed for customers who need all-day comfort with off-road terrain capability in all seasons, John Deere introduces the new gas-powered Gator XUV835 and diesel-powered Gator XUV865 utility vehicles. Offering our quietest cab, three-wide seating and exceptional heating and air conditioning, the new full-size Gator utility vehicles help farmers and ranchers maximize productivity and comfort.

For operators with diverse terrain, the 54-horsepower XUV835 and 23-horsepower XUV865 offer tight turning and optimal weight distribution for superior off-road performance. The XUV835 reaches speeds of over 45 mph and the XUV865 offers a top speed of over 30 mph. Versatility is furthered by compatibility with a full range of over 90 attachments, from snow blades to winches. They also feature a large, 11-gallon fuel tank to keep the vehicle running longer between fill-ups.

As the first units in the Gator family to have three-wide seating, the new units include an adjustable driver’s seat, ample legroom and tilt steering to reduce operator fatigue during long workdays in the field.

Available HVAC systems and pressurized cabs offer year-round weather protection, providing cooler operating conditions in the summer and heating capabilities during harsh winters and snowy conditions. The heating feature also defrosts the windshield, to keep you operating efficiently. In addition, noise isolation and sound dampening features in the cab provide a quieter experience.

The new vehicles also deliver sleek styling and increased payload capacity with a versatile, durable cargo box. Combined with a towing capacity up to 2,000 pounds and 16 gallons of storage, producers can haul more in less time.

RanchWorx SB Series single-drum aerator

Pasture aerator launched by RanchWorx

RanchWorx is enhancing its pasture aerator lineup with the launch of its SB Series Single Drum Aerator. The new SB Series features a new full width tongue and frame built stronger to be able to handle more jobs on your land.

The aerator works even harder on your land for you, with features including the incased axel bearing design, introduced in February 2016, proven to hold up under intense testing to deliver longer bearing life. The improved hydraulic landing gear can lift the aerator easier and provides easier transport around your land.

The new series comes in two different drum sizes, 30-inch and 42-inch diameter. The company will also be offering the series in five different widths, 8, 10, 12, 14 and 16 feet.

Other features include a full-width tongue system that provides more protection for the aerator drum and provides an easier pull for your tractor, putting less stress on the drawbar. Made for heavy-duty agricultural work, this series is built with heavy-duty aircraft tires, along with a new hitch system that works with both tractors and dozers.

The series is perfect for fall or winter usage to prepare your land for a great spring result. Removing soil compaction and creating healthy soil structures allow for natural grasses to prosper. These healthy soils become sponges during the winter to absorb water and organic material throughout the winter, boosting early spring growth and more nutritious grasses.  end mark

—Compiled by Progressive Forage staff

PHOTOS: Photos courtesy of Kuhn North America, Massey Ferguson, John Deere and RanchWorx.