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Equipment and tools: August 2017 new product rollout

Published on 01 August 2017
Hillco air flow systems

Hillco air flow systems for tractors

Hillco Technologies Inc. has introduced air flow systems (AFS) for Case IH and New Holland Tier 4A and 4B tractors.

The AFS accommodates 2011 and newer Magnum, Steiger, Genesis and T9 tractors. This system allows farmers who operate in dusty and dirty conditions to extend their air filter’s life, reducing expenses and downtime. The self-cleaning design requires no maintenance and will reduce the amount of dirt entering your tractor’s air filter.

The AFS replaces the original air intake tube with a steel tube that has a centrifugal force pre-cleaner mounted to it. The engine draws air through the pre-cleaner, causing the impeller in the pre-cleaner to spin. The centrifugal force of the spinning impeller expels the heavy “dirty” particles out of the discharge louver. The clean air then enters the intake.

Benefits include:

  • Extended air filter life
  • Reduced downtime
  • Increased engine life
  • Increased fuel efficiency
  • Simple and quick installation
  • Maintenance-free
  • Water-tight design

This product has been tested and is recommended by CNH.

Chipmaster scooping

Putsch USA announces sugar beet Chipmaster

Putsch USA has announced the newest addition to its processing equipment lineup. The Chipmaster is the result of innovative collaboration between customers and the equipment manufacturer. This new offering is a cost-effective solution that chips potatoes or most any root vegetable, as well as sugar beets, into appropriate-sized pieces for cattle and other ruminants.

Three models are available to producers: Chipmaster 80, Chipmaster 100 and Chipmaster 120. Each model offers varying widths and depths. Each model is a differing weight and offerings varying chipping capacities, with the Chipmaster 80 chipping 80 tons per hour up to 120 tons per hour by the Chipmaster 120. Capacity is also correlated with which pay loader is selected.

Technical details include:

  • Pay loader – compatible with most pay loader attachments
  • Knife designs – two counter-knife designs available: a constant counter-knife for beets without rocks and a moveable counter-knife for cleaning beets that bring along rocks
  • Compatibility – easily integrated with the Putsch Beetmaster

Producers can contact Putsch & Company Inc. directly, as our goal is to work with each producer to meet their needs, helping them select the optimal equipment configuration that meets their feed and nutrition goals while understanding their equipment needs.

Maxxcord baler twine

Maxxcord baler twine by Cordexagri

CordexAgri proudly introduces Maxxcord, a premium-quality polypropylene baler twine for high-density large square balers. Maxxcord is produced with an exclusive technology that makes it the only “knotter-friendly” twine in the market that runs smoothly in all high-density balers, holding the heaviest, densest bales without problems.

Maxxcord is a revolutionary, high-knot performance twine that ensures trouble-free tying, less maintenance costs and less damage and abrasion to the knotters. Maxxcord’s distinct high-visibility pink color makes bales easily recognizable with relation to the producer and identifies the bales as being theirs.

Cordex is a third-generation family-owned manufacturer of crop baling supplies dedicated to continual innovation. They are the only manufacturer of synthetic baler twine, sisal baler twine, bale netting and silage film, which gives them unique insight into solving the changing baling needs of their customers.

CordexAgri Agritools App

CordexAgri releases app for bale wrappers

As Cordex continues to innovate, aiming to offer the end user the best possible experience, Cordex has upgraded its existing Agritools and recently launched its fully mobile app. Available for iPhone, Android and Windows Mobile, you will be able to download and use it wherever you need, whenever you want.

The newly released CordexAgri Agritools app will help growers:

  • Calculate baling costs on a “cost per bale” basis
  • Establish how many bales you can get out of a roll or bale of a particular product
  • Cross-reference recommended products by OEM baler brand, model or crop type
  • New: It now includes support for silage film.

Since winter 2012, Agritools has helped thousands of farmers and contractors worldwide to be as profitable as possible when baling. This free service, with no membership required, assists you with big square, small square and round baling, both with twine or netwrap, and now with its brand-new module for stretch film, by answering these main questions:

  1. What is the most adequate product to use in my baler/wrapper?
  2. How many bales will that product produce in my machine?
  3. How much will it cost me to make that bale?

Stoltzfus ground drive spreader

Stoltzfus expands ground-drive lime and fertilizer spreader line

Stoltzfus Spreaders has added a 10-ton version (CU-100) to its Redhawk ground-driven line of multi-use agricultural spreaders, which includes 4-, 5- and 8-ton models.

The CU-100 is designed for medium to large farms. The new 10-ton Stoltzfus ground-driven lime spreader has a 212-cubic-foot hopper. The 53-degree side slopes, 24-inch carbon steel slat-style drag chain and engineered drop pan work in combination to prevent bridging, allowing consistent material flow for true multi-purpose spreading.

The Stoltzfus CU-100 has the industry’s only fully welded Unibody construction. Its heavy-duty structural tube steel frame and rugged walking beam suspension easily handles stresses from 10-ton loads. The large 21.5-L 14-ply tires offer high flotation and smooth rolling on rough terrain.

The dual-contact press wheel, hydraulically raised and lowered, delivers the power to break out packed damp lime loads. Hydraulically powered twin 24-inch, 7-gauge steel spinners are top-driven, isolating the drives from corrosive chemicals and the shock of material pounding on their disks.  end mark

—Compiled by Progressive Forage staff

PHOTOS: Photos courtesy of Hillco Technologies Inc., Putsch USA, CordexAgri and Stoltz Manufacturing.