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Equipment and tools: April 2016 new product rollout

Published on 01 April 2016
White Planters 9800VE Series

White Planters 9800VE Series introduced

AGCO Corp. unveiled the new White Planters 9800VE Series planter during the 2016 National Farm Machinery Show in Louisville, Kentucky.

The planters feature a new seed meter, electronic drive, automated downforce, plus monitoring and data management technologies.

The 9800VE series offers three models with 30-inch row spacing in 12-row, 16-row and 24-row configurations: the 9812VE-30, the 9816VE-30 and the 9824VE-30. The planters are built upon three-section frames that flex 21 degrees up or down at each wing for consistent planting depth across irregular terrain and that fold for convenient movement from field to field.

The new planters are equipped with a vSet meter, which offers consistent seed singulation. This meter features a flat disk with a single vac setting and a floating, five-lobed singulator that makes sure no two seeds of any kind can occupy the same hole. It handles virtually any seed size or shape with a minimal amount of tweaks to vac pressure, disk or singulator settings and delivers nearly 100-percent accuracy.

The planters are equipped with the fully integrated SeedSense monitor, which tracks population, speed, skips, doubles, row unit ride, downforce and ground contact on the go. The information is immediately displayed on a color screen, allowing the operator to make adjustments needed to seed precisely, maintain depth, avoid compaction and troubleshoot mechanical problems.

Massey Ferguson 5700SL Series

Massey Ferguson 5700SL Series midrange tractors debut

Massey Ferguson, a global brand of AGCO Corp., introduced the 5700SL series midrange tractors to producers during the 2016 National Farm Machinery Show. Each of the three new models is equipped to work in compact spaces and offers the power, maneuverability, comfort and performance needed for efficient loader work, hay production and general on-the-farm use.

The new series will include three models ranging from 110 to 130 engine horsepower (hp). All are available in classic and deluxe editions with cabs. The new SpeedSteer option lets the operator adjust the steering ratio for more or fewer turns of the steering wheel, making loader and headland turns faster and easier. Rear-mounted PTO engagement means fewer trips in and out of the cab to connect and operate the PTO, plus convenient, push-button access to quickly stop it.

In addition, deluxe editions offer the optional factory-installed Auto-Guide 3000 automated steering system to reduce wasteful overlap and save time during field operations.

An open-center hydraulic system with a standard flow rate of 11 gallons per minute (gpm) to the rear three-point linkage and 15 gpm to remote valves provides fast, responsive hydraulic function. An optional Twin Flow system combines the flow from both pumps, providing 26 gpm to remote hydraulic circuits for even faster cycle times.

Fendt 1000 Vario tractor

Fendt brings 1000 Vario tractors to market

Fendt, a worldwide brand of AGCO Corp., unveiled the new Fendt 1000 Vario tractors during the 2016 National Farm Machinery Show, bringing North American producers an entirely new power segment in wheeled row crop tractors. The new series offers four models: 1038 (380 hp), 1042 (420 hp), 1046 (460 hp) and 1050 (500 hp). Designed for the heaviest draft work, these powerful, fuel-efficient tractors are also compact, agile and versatile to handle jobs requiring optimum performance on the road.

The Fendt iD high-torque, low-engine-speed concept combines a new 12.4 L six-cylinder engine with the next generation Fendt Vario transmission. Advancements in design created a comprehensive approach to an entirely new drivetrain, the VarioDrive drivetrain that allows intelligent four-wheel management.

The low, unladen weight of just more than 30,000 pounds makes these tractors ideal for work requiring low ground pressure, such as seeding. Flexible ballasting allows the tractors to be ballasted according to the job, with up to 50 percent of their base weight. Modular equipment options such as 1,000 rpm PTO and a large selection of hydraulic, hitch and linkage options ensure the tractors are compatible with all conventional implements.

LaForge Guided Hitch

Guided Hitch by LaForge eliminates hookup glitches

After more than two years of development, LaForge is proud to offer the LaForge Guided Hitch to farmers looking for improved accuracy, efficiency, reliability and simplicity. The hitch is designed to optimize operations when combined with an implement guidance system.

The hitch is controlled by the GPS implement guidance system to automatically steer the implement to follow the guidance line. Currently, it is designed to fit two-point, pull-type implements. A three-point hitch version is under development for mounted implements.

Application with John Deere 1770NT, 1775NT, 1790, 1795 planters:

  • Replaces the factory John Deere planter hitch
  • Integrates seamlessly to the planter
  • Simple installation – one bolt, one electrical connection and two hydraulic lines
  • Improved steering response – automatically steers planter to guidance line
  • Use with John Deere Active Implement Guidance for sub-inch (2.5 cm) planting accuracy
  • Up to 20 inches (50 cm) of horizontal hitch travel
  • Ground clearance – only 3.5 inches (7.5 cm) less than the factory hitch
  • Service – maintenance-free composite bushings, the guided hitch is completely maintenance-free
  • Weight – less than 450 pounds (200 kg)  FG

—Compiled by Progressive Forage Grower staff

PHOTOS: Photos provided by AGCO Corp. and LaForge.