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December 2021 new product rollout

Published on 13 December 2021

Frenchman Valley Coop launches Carbon Cycle to help high-yield farmers break down residue

Carbon Cycle, sourced from Platte Peak Crop Performance, is geared to solving the consequences of better genetics, faster planters and higher yields. Since 1991, average corn yields in America have increased from 108.6 bushels per acre (BPA) in 1991 to 172 BPA in 2020, according to the USDA. To grow and fill out heavier ears, corn stalks got stronger. To gain yield, plant populations went up, creating more residue. Meanwhile, planter speeds have doubled in recent years and 10 mph is now common. All these issues converge into a big challenge for high-yield growers: How to get the crop in the ground quickly while avoiding skips and gaining the consistent stand crucial to high yields?

The answer is Carbon Cycle – a new biological designed to break down tough crop residue, speed up planting and make the most of fertilizer – was announced by Frenchman Valley Coop (FVC). A unique collection of bacteria and amino acids, Carbon Cycle stimulates biological activity that speeds residue decay and releases nutrients more quickly.

120821 pf SPRAYSENSE

Intelligent Ag launches Recon Spraysense

This innovative technology upgrades existing sprayers by monitoring nozzle performance. The typical agricultural spray system (sprayer) has 72 nozzles or more. Even though nozzles are small, they are vital to accomplishing the desired results with a given chemical or fertilizer. Flow problems are extremely difficult to see with the naked eye. If nozzles are plugged even partially, the operator will likely not know until it's too late and the damage has been done. (Click here to see videos and studies.)

Sprayers are one of the most utilized pieces of equipment on the farm today. The cost of chemical pumped through a single sprayer can easily reach tens of thousands of dollars per season. When the application of herbicide on weeds is not 100% accurate, some weeds may survive, robbing nutrients from crops and contributing to herbicide-resistant weeds.

With this new technology, operators can monitor spray quality from inside the cab with an intuitive iPad application. Once product is flowing, the app shows real-time flow rate, pressure and droplet size. If any nozzles are not spraying on target, the operator will know instantly.

Benefits include:

  • Detect and alert the operator of any spray problems with nozzle performance
  • Pre-loaded specifications for over 1,100 nozzle tips
  • Compatible with common check valves and electronic on/off valves
  • Manage droplet size and overall coverage accuracy
  • Improve the value of your existing equipment
  • Maximize farm profits

Recon SpraySense technology is designed to ultimately work with nearly every brand of sprayer on the market. Sprayers are used on almost every single farm. This new innovative system will change how sprayer operators perform and help them to more accurately "spray on target."

120821 pf T L precisionpoint

T-L Irrigation Company introduces a pro version of Precision Point Touch pivot controller

T-L Irrigation Co. introduces Precision Point Touch Pro, an add-on board combined with a firmware upgrade that dials up simplicity, options and functionality for pivot system controls while decluttering the irrigation workspace.

The Pro board, which can be retrofitted to an existing Touch system or added as an option to a new pivot, combines into one simplified package:

  • Water pump control
  • Water pressure triggered start
  • Two additional auxiliary equipment controls
  • Water pressure monitoring
  • Detailed safety readouts for easy troubleshooting
  • USB datalogging of multiple system parameters
  • Load control
  • Telemetry connectivity

“Precision Point Touch Pro gathers functions, once requiring several different systems, and external hardware together into one simple, efficient full-color touch-screen controller. Plus, the two auxiliary relays allow for greater flexibility and more precise management of the irrigation system as a whole,” says John Thom, T-L Irrigation Co. vice president. Besides eliminating the complication and expense of external hardware systems, Precision Point Touch Pro adds capabilities such as water pressure monitoring and management. Safety inputs deliver specific readouts for troubleshooting. “It’s not just a ‘check-engine’ light; it’s a diagnosis of where the problem is,” Thom says.

Additional auxiliary relays that allow for specific degree inputs for turn on and shutoff makes it easy to dial in precise pivot management. “The Pro panel upgrade just makes the whole irrigation process work seamlessly together,” Thom says.

120821 pf bobcat

Bobcat Company launches new E32, E35 25hp and E35 33hp R2-Series excavators

Bobcat Company is pleased to introduce three all-new models to its popular R2-Series compact excavator lineup. The E32, E35 25hp and E35 33hp compact excavators provide all the productivity and power found in Bobcat’s larger excavators in a smaller frame, making all three models ideal for utility, landscaping and residential construction jobs.

Precise, productive, performance-driven

The E32, E35 25hp and E35 33hp are all ideally balanced to improve lift capacity and increase operator confidence, thanks to a variety of features designed with ease of use and efficiency in mind.

The E35 33hp comes powered by a newly redesigned Bobcat engine that delivers efficiency and performance, plus simplified routine maintenance. The engine also improves cold-weather operation and includes a variety of features that make maintenance and service more convenient.

The new low-effort joysticks, coupled with the new hydraulic control valve, offer improved metering, movement and controllability, enabling a quick, smooth and precise work group for ultimate operator control. Advanced hydraulic controls provide the ultimate horsepower advantage so operators can seamlessly swing the boom while operating an attachment without sacrificing power.

Setting new standards for operator comfort

The cab of every R2-Series model is designed to enhance operator efficiency, performance and comfort. The spacious interior houses an easy-to-reach control pattern selector right underneath the seat, so operators can switch between ISO and standard controls without getting up or over-reaching. Optional automatic heating and air conditioning adjusts depending on the temperature of the cab, keeping operators in a comfortable environment. An optional high-back, heated seat with headrest provides added support for long hours of operation and serves as an ideal complement to the automatic climate control feature.

Owners have the option to add on a waterproof, chemically hardened 7-inch touch display; the most advanced compact-equipment in-cab display available. With a wide and easy-to-use touch screen, operators can access their mobile devices via Bluetooth, connecting with their dealer or customer easily through a quick contacts option and secure convenient touch operation.

Match any must-do task with can-do versatility

With easy-to-reach arm-mounted auxiliary hydraulics and an attachment hookup interface, the E32, E35 25hp and E35 33hp help operators do more tasks on the jobsite. The optional clamp diverter provides improved ability to run a variety of attachments without having to disconnect the clamp. The standard lift eye provides a convenient method for handling objects or moving them in or out of a trench.

PHOTOS: Photos courtesy of Frenchman Valley Coop, Intelligent AgT-L Irrigation Company and Bobcat Company.