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Bale Band-It offers new app for iPads

Bale Band-It Published on 12 March 2013

GFC has developed a new app called iBand-It that is compatible with iPads.

iBand-It brings a new level to the Bale Band-It’s operation with an in-depth monitoring structure that informs the operator on bale and bundle counts, bales per hour, baler stroke gauge, Band-It operation status, busted bale alert, tie cycle and bundle unloading.

Features also include controls to tailor the Band-It to a particular operation's needs, as well as a GPS mapping system that shows operators how well each field produces.

iBand-It also provides performance information in key areas to prevent downtime, alerts of any maintenance needs, has a built in Band-It learning center and manual, a step-by-step troubleshooting system, and provides one-on-one video calls to the company's trained technicians.  FG

—From Bale Band-It news release