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August 2020 new product rollout

Published on 05 August 2020

New clamp prevents hoses from coming off

Inventor Brian Cruson has always looked for simple ways to make life easier for farmers during seeding. “One of the problems that we have identified from many farmers is that air seeder hoses tend to pull off when the shanks move up and down,” said Cruson, owner and director of research and development for Airguard Incorporated. “Openers can snap down with a huge amount of force when tripping over a rock, which tends to cause issues with hoses,” he said. “I have been trying to think of a simple solution to this problem, as it can cause missed strips in the fields during planting, contributing to reduced yields.” The solution was a hose clamp with integrated teeth, the Sabre Clamp.

This new, patented clamping technology is simple, yet effective. Each clamp has a series of four sharp teeth and a square tooth in the center to hold air seeder hoses more securely. “Our testing has shown that this new Sabre Clamp can handle more than two times the pulling force when compared to a regular hose clamp. We had a customer who pulled out 100 hoses last year, but with the Sabre Clamp installed this year, not one single hose pulled out during seeding,” said Cruson.

Sabre Clamps are available in multiple sizes for primary and secondary air seeder hoses. For more information, call Airguard Incorporated at (604) 744-0070 or visit their website

080420 case planter stalk stomper

May Wes introduces Planter Stalk Stompers for Case IH model 1250 Early Riser planters

May Wes, inventor of the original Stalk Stomper, proudly introduces its latest game-changing innovation for no-till and strip-till farming operations: G4 Planter Stalk Stompers for Case IH Model 1250 Early Riser planters. An agricultural industry first, May Wes G4 Planter Stalk Stompers level tough residual cornstalks ahead of the planter wheels, protecting the wheels from stubble damage and reducing costly downtime.

“We introduced the G4 Planter Stalk Stompers after receiving multiple requests from no-till and strip-till farmers who were chewing up their planter wheels on tough cornstalks,” said Eric Bates, May Wes sales manager. “To our knowledge, May Wes is the only manufacturer offering Stalk Stompers for planters. We rolled out our first Planter Stalk Stompers last year for John Deere 1770NT planters, and they have been a huge hit. We’re really pleased to offer them for Case IH for this year’s planting season.”

G4 Planter Stalk Stompers feature the same durable 12-inch wide compression-molded UHMW poly G4 Stalk Stomper shoes used on May Wes’s popular G4 Stalk Stompers for corn heads. The G4 Planter Stalk Stompers are sold in four-row kits that include two 72-inch 2-by-2-inch toolbars, four UHMW plastic G4 Stalk Stomper shoes and adjustable mounting brackets. Additional G4 Stalk Stomper shoes, toolbars and mounting brackets can be purchased separately.

May Wes G4 Planter Stalk Stompers are easy to install; simply bolt them to the planter frame using a 2-by-2-inch tool bar and adjustable mounting brackets, and set them to the desired height.

080420 bobcat

Bobcat Company introduces four all-new, 60 frame-size R-Series loaders

Bobcat Company is introducing four all-new, 60 frame-size vertical lift path loaders to its product lineup: the Bobcat R-Series T64 and T66 compact track loaders and S64 and S66 skid-steer loaders. These new loaders will join the T76 compact track loaders and S76 skid-steer loaders that were launched February 2020. The T64 and S64 offer 68 horsepower and 2,300-pound rated operating capacity. The T66 and S66 models offer 74 horsepower and 2,450- and 2,400-pound rated operating capacity, respectively.

With a total focus on quality, the new 60 platform R-Series loaders offer uncompromising reliability and durability, enhanced performance, and unmatched operator experience. While maintaining a compact frame, the new Bobcat R-Series loaders have upgraded performance with greater lift capacities and higher lift heights than their M- and M2-Series predecessors.

Increased lift capabilities

From a heavy bucketful of material to a truck filled with hefty pallets, the ability to lift more and carry more provides a true measure of loader productivity. R-Series 60 frame-size loaders are equipped with redesigned lift arms featuring cast-steel segments for increased strength and lifting capability. The R-Series lift arms are stronger in key areas, yet slimmer to ensure optimal performance and increased visibility. The lift arms, combined with the optimized lift arm linkage, ensure that operators can handle more challenging jobs with greater confidence and ease.

Improved cooling system

As operators require compact equipment to run longer and do bigger, more difficult jobs, better cooling is essential. The R-Series cooling system is completely redesigned for optimal operation and maximum uptime. Key R-Series cooling system improvements include a larger, higher-capacity radiator; fan size that has increased by approximately 50%, which achieves more cooling at a slower rotation; and a tailgate with heavy-duty steel louvers allowing for optimal airflow while still providing a frontline defense against jobsite debris.

080420 moisture analyzer for corn.jpeg

Consumer Physics unveils SCiO for corn – the world’s first and fastest in-field corn moisture analysis solution

Ag-tech startup Consumer Physics is unveiling the world's first corn moisture analysis solution that provides results in seconds, in the field, directly on the cob, without shelling. The solution is based on SCiO – Consumer Physics’ micro-NIR flagship platform, which is also the world’s first pocket-sized connected micro-spectrometer.

The solution includes a pocket-sized analyzer based on NIR (near infrared) spectroscopy as well as a mobile app that sends data to the cloud, where Consumer Physics' algorithms analyze the data and send back the results in seconds. This solution is tailored for corn farmers, corn seed producers and agronomists.

Analyzing moisture with SCiO is simple and non-destructive, and, best of all, it is carried out in the field. The operation is as easy as scanning five different cobs, tapping the mobile app and getting the moisture-level reading within seconds. The solution's accuracy and precision are on par with labs, and moisture levels range from 8% to 80%. The higher range is particularly relevant for seed producers to monitor the growing process and collect data to support development of future products.

Consumer Physics' user-friendly solution replaces lengthy, expensive and complicated processes that currently require the collection of several corn cobs from the field, which are sent back to plants or labs. In the labs, kernels must then be shelled and ground, with results taking up to several hours. With SCiO, users can conduct many measurements, daily, from numerous locations in the field, to ascertain the precise moisture level in each plot and determine the optimal harvest time. Users can also track and monitor the data collected in the cloud across time to produce long-range insights into crop efficiency and areas where they should make improvements.

Wilbur-Ellis Company launches two new potassium fertilizer technologies

Wilbur-Ellis announced the launch of two new potassium fertilizer technologies, Till-It Kompound and Foli-Gro Kilo. These highly soluble, carbon-based potassium fertilizers drive bio-activation in soil or as a foliar-applied product. Foli-Gro Kilo is a single-source potassium acetate fertilizer. Till-It Kompound pushes both potassium and sulfur into plants through soil or fertigation applications.

Growers know potassium is a critical part of any fertility program driving photosynthesis, nutrient transport and standability throughout the season. But, not all potassium sources are the same – solubility and availability play a huge role, especially when plants need in-season potassium to fill nuts, pods or fruit.

Foli-Gro Kilo is a carbon-based potassium source with high solubility and availability for any foliar, in-furrow or soil-applied liquid fertilizer application. The combination of highly available potassium with a carbon base creates a unique, bioactivated potassium source for plants.

Till-It Kompound combines Kilo technology with sulfur, creating a solution for straight applications or combinations with urea ammonium nitrate or ammonium polyphosphate (APP). By providing both sulfur and available potassium, Till-It Kompound is beneficial when applied alone, or can create custom solutions that increase stalk strength, standability and yield of most crops.  end mark

—Compiled by Progressive Forage staff

PHOTOS: Photos courtesy of Airguard Incorporated, May Wes, Bobcat Company, Consumer Physics and Wilbur-Ellis Company.