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April 2020 new product rollout

Compiled by Progressive Forage staff Published on 08 April 2020

Kinze Manufacturing and Ag Leader Technology introduce new high-speed planting technology

Kinze Manufacturing has developed a new high-speed meter and seed tube to provide row crop farmers with accurate seed placement at speeds up to 12 miles per hour. The new planter technology, called True Speed, is planned for introduction in the 2021 planting season.

The system was developed with support from Ag Leader Technology, which will market it as SureSpeed. The two companies will distribute the technology through their respective dealer networks.

While many factors can influence planting speed, farmers should not be limited by their ability to accurately place seeds in the ground. Eric Nettleton, associate director of product management for Kinze, said: “Kinze’s new system uses an electric meter and delivery tube that operate accurately at planter speeds from 3 to 12 miles per hour, allowing farmers to ‘plant at your speed’ without compromising singulation accuracy or spacing. The result is precise seed spacing at various speeds with multiple seed shapes and sizes. The system design also allows for easy maintenance saving farmers time and money.”

Engineered for accuracy at every speed

Kinze’s meter, and its unique orientation on the row unit, allows seed to move seamlessly between the meter and seed tube, resulting in superior accuracy at all speeds. This enables farmers who have appropriate field conditions to increase the acres they can plant in a typical day. Additionally, Kinze’s meter eliminates the need for singulator adjustments, which allows for quick seed-type changeover and the ability to handle a variety of corn- and soybean-seed shapes and sizes.

When paired with Kinze’s downforce technology, True Depth, which provides instant row unit response to field conditions, continual ground contact can be maintained for consistent accuracy at all speeds.

040720 mattracks rubber tracks

Mattracks zRX Roxor tracks

Mattracks recently introduced the exclusive zRX track system specifically designed for the Roxor. With its patented rubber torsion system and full rubber torsion suspension, the zRX track system delivers a smooth ride and terrain conformance resulting in maximum traction. Designed with weight savings in mind and without sacrificing durability, zRX features a high-strength low-alloy (HSLA) steel frame and aluminum drive sprockets. In addition, Mattracks’ patented Z style track provides optimum vehicle clearance while keeping the track system centered on the axles. The result is unsurpassed sprocket engagement, which limits track slip and delivers maximum tractive effort.

With Mattracks proprietary tread design, the zRX is a true all-terrain track system. Not just for snow and mud, the zRX can be driven down pavement to get to your favorite trail or worksite. The Roxor with the zRX track system improves traction, ground clearance, reduces compaction and provides improved floatation on soft terrain. Practically maintenance free, there’s nothing to grease, comes with triple-sealed heavy-duty road wheels and a heavy-duty automotive spindle bearing. Built to be Roxor tough and installed at your local Roxor authorized dealer, the Mattracks zRX rubber track conversion system is proudly engineered, designed and built in the USA.

040720 asv rt50

ASV exhibiting new lighter, faster, stronger RT-50

ASV Holdings Inc, an industry-leading manufacturer of all-purpose and all-season compact track loaders (CTL) and skid steers, will display the company’s new mid-size RT-50 Posi-Track loader for the first time at The ARA Show and Conexpo-Con/Agg 2020. The new loader features an industry-leading performance-to-weight ratio and joins the RT-25 and RT-40 – two of the industry’s smallest sit-in compact track loaders – as a powerful, lightweight machine. All three are ideal for rental houses, commercial businesses, weekend warriors or as an addition to landscape, construction or snow-clearing fleets.

With the addition of the RT-50 to its lineup, ASV solidifies its place as a leading manufacturer of lightweight, sit-in compact track loaders. The RT-50, RT-40 and RT-25 let operators to do more in more places thanks to the industry’s lowest ground pressures, the ability to be towed behind a 1/2-ton pick-up truck, and compact statures allowing the machines to fit into tight areas. ASV also offers the widest CTL capability range, from the most compact CTL on the market, to the largest, most powerful CTL.


The RT-50 provides operators more power in tight areas other machines have difficulty accessing, opening doors to new applications for contractors and offering an accessible rental option. Boasting a greater performance-to-weight ratio than any machine in its class, the track loader features a 1,400-pound rated operating capacity while weighing just 5,350 pounds. High performance in a lightweight machine means easy transportability and less risk of turf damage, translating to more money in a contractor’s pocket.


ASV builds the RT-50 with features to optimize productivity and quality of work. Operators can use the machine to load landscape trucks and small dump trucks thanks to the loader’s 109.6-inch pin height. Getting around the jobsite quickly is easy due to the loader’s 7.1 mph top speed. Traveling to the project is also simple. Contractors, homeowners or rental customers can easily tow the RT-50 behind a 1/2-ton pick-up truck or SUV, as well as on small, narrow trailers. This ease of towing is the result of the machine’s low trailer weight and 58.5-inch width. Plus, tight area work such as sweeping or plowing snow on sidewalks or working in narrow backyards is made easier by the RT-50’s slim design.

040720 sennode bt controller

New SENNODE-BT controller offers irrigation management from the palm of your hand

The new battery-operated SENNODE-BT controller is enabled with powerful wireless Bluetooth technology that can be easily managed from a smartphone. It’s the perfect solution for irrigating greenhouses, nurseries, open fields and other areas where AC power is unavailable.

SENNODE-BT is controlled by a smartphone app that lets growers program and operate their systems up to 50 feet (15 meters) away. The app maps controllers by location and sends battery-change reminders. Controllers can also be configured offline, which makes field adjustments quick and easy to deploy at a later time. Total app control removes the task of opening valve boxes and programming irrigation schedules on a dark screen.

SENNODE-BT’s smart irrigation management also permits run times lasting just seconds. This misting ability is perfect for propagation, germinating seeds, climate control in greenhouses and other time-sensitive irrigation applications.  end mark

—Compiled by Progressive Forage staff

PHOTOS: Photos courtesy of Kinze Manufacturing, Mattracks, ASV Holdings Inc and Senninger Irrigation.