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Roundup Ready alfalfa poll results

FG Staff Published on 08 June 2011

The results of our first Progressive Forage Grower poll are in.

We asked the question "Will you or have you planted Roundup Ready alfalfa for the 2011 season?"  to see how many producers planned on using this technology in the coming year.

21.57 percent of those who responded said they will or have planted Roundup Ready alfalfa, while 78.43 percent said they will not.

The new poll question asks "What has been your biggest challenge with your forage crops this spring?" and we'd love to hear from you! Vote in the sidebar to the right of this article.

Once you have submitted your answer, you can also leave a comment to give a little more detail about what you are facing this spring. We'll share the results in the next Progressive Forage Grower e-newsletter.

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