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Poll: Which forage events do you prefer to attend?

Published on 27 May 2014

Our online readers answered the poll question, “Which forage events do you prefer to attend?”

The majority, 31 percent, said that they would rather attend regional tours or field days. Many others, 27.6 percent, prefer the farm shows with equipment demonstrations.

Local forage seminars received a decent vote of 17.2 percent, while the regional association meetings had a slimmer 13.8 percent vote.

A few, 7 percent of our online readers, prefer the national association meetings. Indoor trade shows with no equipment demonstrations came in last at 3.4 percent.  FG

Which forage events do you prefer to attend?

  • Regional tours or field days: 31%

  • Farm shows with equipment demonstrations: 27.6%

  • Indoor trade shows (no equipment demonstrations): 3.4%

  • National association meetings/seminars: 7%

  • Regional association meetings/seminars: 13.8%

  • Local forage seminars: 17.2%