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Poll: Readers forgo hail insurance

Published on 16 July 2015

The majority of Progressive Forage Grower readers forgo hail insurance.

In a recent poll, Progressive Forage Grower asked, “Do you buy hail insurance?”

Nine percent of online readers said that they insure at a higher crop level and forget the hail insurance. About 29 percent said that they’d rather place their money elsewhere.

Another 31 percent was dead set against ever buying hail insurance. They never have and never will. They’ll take their chances.

Only 31 percent of readers said that they buy hail insurance.

With a combined vote of 69 percent, those who do not buy hail insurance win the majority.  FG

Do you buy hail insurance?

  • Yes, it makes it not hail: 31%

  • I insure at the higher crop level and forget the hail insurance: 9%

  • No, never have – never will. I'll take my chances: 31%

  • No, I put the premium money elsewhere: 29%