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Poll: New equipment a must for most readers

Published on 13 October 2014

Most Progressive Forage Grower readers are buying new equipment this fall because their old equipment cannot be fixed.

Progressive Forage Grower asked, “What's your motive for buying new equipment this fall?” in a recent poll.

The majority (41 percent) said they could not “patch together (their) piece of junk anymore.” Another 33 percent said they bought new equipment as “part of (their) long-term equipment rollover strategy.”

In last, but not far behind, 26 percent of voting readers invested in new equipment so they could avoid taxes.  FG

What's your motive for buying new equipment this fall?

  • Avoid taxes: 25.9%

  • Part of my long-term equipment rollover strategy: 33.3%

  • Can't patch together my piece of junk anymore: 40.7%