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Poll: Most producers try to avoid hiring out custom work

Published on 08 May 2020

How much do you rely on custom workers to take care of business on your operation?

Progressive Forage asked readers this question: "How often do you hire someone to do custom work?"

The largest segment of respondents (45.6%) said they only hire a custom operator when absolutey necessary. The next largest group (29.1%) said they never hire out custom work.

The remainder of respondents indicated that about half of their work is completed by custom operators, or that they rely on them to get the work done – 11.4% and 13.9%, respectively.  end mark 

How often do you hire someone to do custom work?

  • I rely mainly on custom operators: 13.9%

  • About half the work is done by a custom operator: 11.4%

  • Only when absolutely necessary: 45.6.2%

  • Never: 29.1%