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Poll: Most operations to experience change in 2016

Published on 01 January 2016

Most readers’ operations will experience some kind of change in 2016.

In a recent online poll, Progressive Forage Grower asked, “How will your operation change in 2016?”

About 40 percent said they do not anticipate any change. However, the collective majority of readers (60.4 percent) said they expect some kind of change on their operations in 2016.

The 60.4 percent is the sum of the following votes.

A few readers (14.6 percent) will be planting different crops (other than the usual rotation). Another 14.6 percent will be buying new equipment.

Around 10 percent of readers will be adding more technology to their operations. More than 20 percent will be expanding the land base of their operations.  FG


How will your operation change in 2016?

  • Planting different crops (other than usual rotation): 14.6%

  • Expand land base: 20.8%

  • Major new equipment purchase: 14.6%

  • Add more technology: 10.4%

  • Staying the course – no change anticipated: 39.6%