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Poll: Many readers only work Sundays when necessary

Published on 08 January 2019

The majority of voting readers occasionally work on Sundays, but try not to when possible.

In a recent online poll, Progressive Forage asked, “Do you work on Sundays?”

About 40.7 percent of readers said they almost always work on Sundays – the work simply never ends. 

The rest of the readers said something along the lines of “I’ll work when I absolutely have to.” About 6.1 percent of readers said they only work when weather threatens the crops, and another 4.6 percent said they work only when the cows get out. 

Lastly, 48.7 percent of readers said while they can’t say they “never” work on Sundays, they try to spend Sundays with family and go to church.  end mark

Do you work on Sundays?

  • Almost always – the work never ends: 40.7%

  • Only when the weather threatens crops: 6.1%

  • Only when the cows get out: 4.6%

  • Can't say "never," but try to spend Sundays with family and go to church: 48.7%