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Poll: Let the snake eat mice

Published on 17 November 2014

If there were a snake in the truck, many readers would take advantage of the situation and let it eat the mice.

But there were plenty of other reactions to Progressive Forage Grower’s comical poll question: “If you find a snake in your truck cab, what do you do?”

Eighteen percent had the most extreme reaction – they would set the truck on fire to take care of the pest. Another 15 percent said that they would immediately retire the truck to avoid dealing with the snake. However, others said they would try less drastic measures to deal with the crisis.

Eight percent said that they would try to gas it out with fumes. Others (20 percent) said that they would do anything but kill it in order to avoid the smell.

While most readers would try to get rid of the snake or at least avoid it, the most popular response indicated that many would just let the snake be.

Thirty-nine percent of online voters weren’t fazed by the snake. Instead, they said that they would let the snake stay in the cab in order to take care of the mice. Why not? It’s practical, but don’t let the snake-shy drive the truck.  FG

If you find a snake in your truck cab, what do you do?

  • Set the truck on fire: 18%

  • Try and gas it out with fumes: 8%

  • Leave it so it eats the mice: 39%

  • High-tail it out of there and retire the truck: 15%

  • Anything but kill it; that is one disgusting smell: 20%