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Poll: Hay sellers stick to traditional forms of payment

Published on 01 April 2020

If you're planning to buy hay, you had better bring cash or your checkbook.

In a recent online poll, Progressive Forage asked, "What forms of payment do you take when selling hay?"

The majority of responders indicated that they take personal checks or cash, at 49.8% and 44.6%, respectively. 

The remaining 5.6% is comprised of the 3.1% that accepts credit cards, the 1.8% that use PayPal and the 0.7% that use Google Pay.  end mark

What forms of payment do you take when selling hay?

  • Personal checks: 49.8%

  • Cash: 44.6%

  • Credit cards: 3.1%

  • PayPal: 1.8%

  • Google Pay: 0.7%