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Poll: Fresh-cut alfalfa most popular ‘stink’

Published on 14 May 2015

The majority of Progressive Forage Grower readers love the smell of fresh-cut alfalfa and prefer it to the other types of “stink” on the farm.

In a recent poll, Progressive Forage Grower asked, “What's your favorite stink?”

In last are burning ditch banks (2 percent), a bag of corn seed (1 percent), feedlot ration (2 percent) and creosote (3 percent).

Worn leather did slightly better with 8 percent of the vote, while a barn full of cows and silage received votes in the teens – 13 percent and 14 percent, respectively.

The winning stink won by a landslide. Fifty-seven percent of online readers said that their favorite stink is fresh-cut alfalfa.  FG

What's your favorite stink?

  • Burning ditch banks: 2%

  • Silage: 14%

  • Bag of corn seed: 1%

  • Creosote: 3%

  • Feedlot ration: 2%

  • Fresh-cut alfalfa: 57%

  • Barn full of cows: 13%

  • Worn leather: 8%