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Poll: Fords dominate pickup category

Published on 23 June 2014

The majority of Progressive Forage Grower readers who weighed in on a recent poll are Ford fans (40.9 percent). The runner up was Chevy with 24.2 percent of the vote.

Dodge came in third with 19.7 percent, and GMC had 7.6 percent.

It was nearly a tie between Toyota owners (3.8 percent) and those who can't even tell what brand their truck is, it's so old (3 percent).

Nissan got a scant percentage of the vote, less than one percent. No one who voted said they own an International brand pickup.  FG

What type of pickup do you drive?

  • Chevrolet: 24.2%

  • Dodge: 19.7%

  • Ford: 40.9%

  • International: 0%

  • GMC: 7.6%

  • Nissan: 0.7%

  • Toyota: 3.8%

  • It's so old I can't tell: 3%