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Poll: Foragers have yet to invest in equipment technologies

Published on 15 August 2019

Most Progressive Forage readers have not yet invested in equipment technologies.

In a recent online poll, Progressive Forage asked, “Are new farm equipment technologies helping?” Readers selected all options that applied.

Most readers said they simply haven’t invested in the technology yet (27%). Others said that the technology is not helping but is raising costs for their customers (24%). Twenty-three percent said that they can’t fix the technology themselves. Another 20% said the technology is helping because their productivity has increased.

A few readers said they like the technology, but the learn curve is too steep (6%).  end mark

Are new farm equipment technologies helping? (Select all that apply)

  • I haven’t really invested in it yet: 27%

  • No, it’s raising my costs and I’m not able to pass those to my customers: 24%

  • No, because I can’t fix it myself: 23%

  • Yes, because my productivity/efficiency has increased: 20%

  • I like it, but the learning curve is too steep: 6%