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Poll: Baler gives readers most maintenance trouble

Published on 06 April 2015

Most Progressive Forage Grower readers have the most maintenance trouble with their balers.

In a recent poll, Progressive Forage Grower asked, “Which piece of equipment gives you the most maintenance trouble?”

Eleven percent said that the mower is their most troublesome piece of equipment. Another 13 percent said that their tractor is the pain in the neck.

More than a quarter of readers (28 percent) said that the chopper has given them a good amount of trouble.

The baler is the most troublesome; it won with an impressive 41-percent vote. Another 7 percent said that other equipment gives them maintenance trouble.  FG

Which piece of equipment gives you the most maintenance trouble?

  • Chopper: 28%

  • Mower: 11%

  • Tractor: 13%

  • Baler: 41%

  • Other: 7%