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Poll: 2020 planting season gets a thumbs up from producers

Published on 13 July 2020

As everyone knows, Mother Nature can be a pretty fickle lady when success or failure hinges on the weather, like planting and harvest season. 

Progressive Forage recently asked producers in an online poll to rate their planting season on a scale of 1-5, denoted by emoji, on a scale of "Excellent" – big smile – to "Terrible" – angry face.

The majority of respondents rated their planting season "Good" or "Excellent." Roughly a third gave their planting season a "Can't complain" rating, with the remainder giving the lowest ratings of "Poor" or "Terrible."  end mark

On a scale of 1-5, how do you feel spring planting went?

  • Excellent (5): 28.7%

  • Good (4): 30.1%

  • Can't complain (3): 28.7%

  • Poor (2): 4.1%

  • Terrible (1): 8.2%