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FG poll: Spring forage challenges

Lynn Olsen Published on 14 July 2011

Our most recent Progressive Forage Grower poll asked the question "What (was) your biggest challenge with your forage crops this spring?" 

As we might have expected, the biggest problem faced by producers this spring seems to be wet weather, with just over 40 percent of respondents saying that was what impacted them the most; 16 percent also said cold weather was a problem.

Not too far behind the number one issue, with 18.4 percent, dry weather was also a big challenge for producers in some parts of the country.

But the variety of other answers says that it was a tough start for forage crops all around – weeds, insects or other pests and crop yield will all have an impact on the quality and availability of forage this season.

Our new poll question asks if you are using social media or internet-related activities with your forage – websites, blogs, etc.

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