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FG poll: 2011 production

Lynn Olsen Published on 29 September 2011

In our latest FG poll, we asked you to estimate your reduction in overall 2011 forage production.

Based on the reports we have heard from across the country, I was a bit surprised with the results.

Just over 70 percent of respondents said their production would only be down 25 percent or less, with 45.61 percent saying they anticipated no decrease to their production this season. I actually expected to see more people with reduced yields.

But on the other hand, just over 12 percent of those voting said they would have a 50 percent or more reduction, with 10.53 percent expecting losses in the 76 to 100 percent range.

That represents a lot of lost production, income or feed, and our hearts go out to those farmers and ranchers who are experiencing this kind of loss due to weather or other factors.

On a lighter note, our newest poll asks the question "Have you ever submitted a sample of your hay, silage or other forage in a forage contest? Leave a comment to tell us why or why not."

And feel free to send us a photo (e-mail to ) if you've won an award in a contest – we'll post them with the results of our next poll!  FG