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Poll: How producers use downtime in the winter

Published on 11 January 2021

Wintertime offers producers a chance to recharge, reset, and make plans for next year. 

In a recent online poll, Progressive Forage asked producers what they prioritize in the winter. 

According to the responses, the top priorities for free time in the winter are equipment maintenance (21.1%), family time (19.9%), and planning for the future (19.9%). Other answers included record keeping and legal work (14.6%), fence repairs (14%) and construction projects (10.5%).  end mark 

What do you prioritize in the winter? (Check all that apply)

  • Equipment maintenance: 21.1%

  • Family time: 19.9%

  • Planning for the future: 19.9%

  • Record keeping and legal work: 14.6%

  • Fence repairs: 14%

  • Construction projects: 10.5%