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On Jan. 29, the USDA National Agricultural Statistics Service released an average estimate of grazing fee rates for cattle. The report includes information per animal unit, cow-calf combo and per head.

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The National Association of Conservation Districts (NACD) submitted written comments to the Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) on Jan. 19 in response to the agency’s request for comments on agency programs and Western water quantity.

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Conference dates – January 18-22, 2021

This year’s forage conference, January 18-22 2021, will feature Tennessee grazier, Mr. Greg Brann, along with Dr. Greg Halich, forage economics specialist with University of Kentucky.

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If you’re a forage numbers geek, your Christmas arrived on Jan. 12, 2021. That’s the day the USDA released a number of reports covering forages from seed to shed.

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Wintertime offers producers a chance to recharge, reset, and make plans for next year. 

In a recent online poll, Progressive Forage asked producers what they prioritize in the winter. 

According to the responses, the top priorities for free time in the winter are equipment maintenance (21.1%), family time (19.9%), and planning for the future (19.9%). Other answers included record keeping and legal work (14.6%), fence repairs (14%) and construction projects (10.5%).  end mark 

What do you prioritize in the winter? (Check all that apply)

  • Equipment maintenance: 21.1%

  • Family time: 19.9%

  • Planning for the future: 19.9%

  • Record keeping and legal work: 14.6%

  • Fence repairs: 14%

  • Construction projects: 10.5%