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The dry summer has many corn producers concerned that their corn crop may not meet their production expectations, according to Tim Schnakenberg, an agronomy specialist with University of Missouri Extension.

“The corn crop is deteriorating rapidly in areas that have missed key rains and producers are looking at alternatives, especially for their later planted corn,” said Schnakenberg.

Chopping the crop for silage is one way to retain some value of the crop before it wilts down in the drought, even though the dry matter tonnage produced may be 10-50 percent lower in a drought compared to normal corn silage.

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As of July 1, DuPont business Pioneer Hi-Bred became known as DuPont Pioneer.

The company stated, "DuPont Pioneer is an important element in extending DuPont's efforts in the agricultural and food industries.

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During the 2000s, organic milk production was one of the fastest growing segments of organic agriculture in the U.S., according to a USDA Economic Research Service publication "Characteristics, Costs, and Issues for Organic Dairy Farming."

In 2008, about 3 percent of the nation's cows were managed organically.

Among the conditions necessary for a cow to produce organic milk, she must eat only organic feed or browse on organic pasture for at least the previous 36 months.

However, dairy producers have found that producing or sourcing organic feed – which must be grown without synthetic fertilizers, insecticides or herbicides – is challenging.

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The Agriculture’s Lasting Heritage website tells the stories of America’s farm and ranch families and how century farms (in operation by the same family for more than 100 years) have helped shaped our nation’s history.

Century farm families can nominate their farms for a feature on the website. (Click here then go to “Submit your own profile.”)

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Vermeer’s 605 Super M Cornstalk Special Baler makes baling cornstalks as easy as baling hay – and now enhanced with the optional Inline Ramp, picking up cornstalk bales is even easier.

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