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Wildfires in California spark new cattle grazing website

Published on 29 October 2020

Extension experts in California have partnered with colleagues in South Dakota to create Match.Graze.

The map-based website is designed to help livestock owners find pasture, rangeland, cover crops or crop residue available for grazing and help landowners find cattle to graze their land.

The technology that drives the site was developed in 2015 as part of a producer-led, soil health initiative in South Dakota. The concept of the site as applied in the Golden State is seen as a way to reduce the accumulation of fire fuels, helping to slow the spread of wildfires, of which there were many in California this past summer.

The website is not limited to use by those only in California and South Dakota. Users from anywhere in the U.S. can create accounts and advertise their land available for grazing or their livestock available to graze.

Visit the Match.Graze website to learn more.  end mark

Excerpts from The Cow Tech Report, Oct. 23, 2020