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New generation, soft-kernel silage introduced

Progressive Forage Editor Lynn Jaynes Published on 10 October 2017
Unified corn silage with SilaSoft technology

Twelve years in the making – at long last Mycogen Seeds released with fanfare Unified corn silage with SilaSoft technology at World Dairy Expo 2017. Why should producers care about softer kernels? Efficiency and components.

The new corn silage (non-GMO) is billed as “the next step in silage innovation” and pairs fiber digestibility with digestible starch, which translates to more milk and better components. With increasingly tighter profit margins, the dairy industry focus has turned toward milk components to achieve a price bump.

The William H. Miner Agricultural Research Institute reported that in a feeding trial with Unified, there was a 7 percent increase in feed efficiency compared with non-BMR hybrids as well as an advantage of 10.1 pounds more energy-corrected milk per cow per day. Findings also showed a 7 percent increase in butterfat and 13 percent increase in protein compared with non-BMR hybrids.

The softer kernel improves starch digestibility. How much? The soft-kernel corn silage was tested against Mycogen’s own BMR brand and TMF hybrids (and others) – intentionally selected for starch digestibility – and averaged 8.5 percent improvement in seven-hour starch digestibility.

Limited seed supply is available this fall and full seed supply rollout will happen in 2018.  end mark

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PHOTO: Photo courtesy of Mycogen Seeds.

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