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I belong to... AFGC: Gary Wilson

Lynn Jaynes Published on 29 August 2014
Gary Wilson

Gary Wilson
President Elect

Age: 58

Location: Jenera, Ohio

Gary is also a member of the Ohio Forage & Grassland Council.

History of your farm, in a nutshell: I am the seventh generation of my family to live on this farm. My great-great-great-great grandfather homesteaded the property in 1835. The house was built in 1840, which we live in still today. The farm has always had livestock and a long history utilizing forages.

“If I wasn’t a forage grower, I would …” still be involved in agriculture, whether in industry, university or government agency in some way.

How long have you been a member of AFGC? I attended my first AFGC National Meeting in 1992 in Grand Rapids, Michigan. I joined soon afterwards and eventually helped start an Ohio affiliate in 1997. I was elected to the national board in 2009 and presently serve as president elect.

Why did you join AFGC? AFGC is a great way to expand my interest in forages and I have formed great friendships with others who have similar interests across the country.

A little known fact about AFGC is … The national board is by design one-third producers, one-third from industry, and one-third from public, which would include universities and government agencies. Presidents rotate from the three representative groups.

My favorite representative or employee of AFGC is ... Tina Bowling, the association director and currently the only employee. She does a good job of keeping the organization on track.

What AFGC does best is … an amazing job bringing together all facets of the forage industry, which is really spread out, and keeps members informed of new techniques and practices.

I feel valued as a member when … I have the opportunity to share my own research and what I have learned as a producer.

Members are influential or interesting because ... of the variety of experience and knowledge that everyone brings to this group, whether they are producers or educators or industry.

The forage industry’s greatest opportunity is ... bringing together everyone in both the harvested forages and the grazing industries.

I hope my farming legacy is … hopefully I have been able to inspire interest and passion for agriculture in other people.

My advice to all forage growers is … be patient and don’t be afraid to be progressive. Always be willing to learn new techniques. Forages have a tremendous future.  FG