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Grazing fees in the Western states

Published on 25 February 2019

USDA NASS recently released reported grazing fee averages for 17 Western states for 2017, in comparison with 2016.

grazing fees per head

Per-head fees

Washington and New Mexico both reported the lowest per-head grazing fee (Figure 1) for 2017 at $16 (up $1 from 2016 prices in Washington and up $1.50 in New Mexico).

grazing fees per animal unit

Animal unit fees

The lowest animal unit fees (Figure 2) were reported in Nevada ($9.90, down from $10) and Arizona ($9.50, up from $9). The highest grazing fees were reported in Nebraska at $39.80 in 2017 (down from $41 in 2016). The 17-state average was calculated at $20.20, down just slightly from 2016 at $20.30.

grazing fees cow calf

Cow-calf fees

Washington state was reported as having the lowest grazing fee for cow-calf pairs (Figure 3) in 2017 at $16.50 per pair (up from $16 in 2016).  end mark