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Farm stress survey

Contributed by Jen Roux Published on 05 March 2021

The Western Regional Agricultural Stress Assistance Program (WRASAP) is working to collect data from 13 Western states and four U.S. territories regarding the stressors that agricultural producers and workers experience.

Information gathered from this research will be used to develop educational materials, determine how best to assist farmers and ranchers, and how they can obtain additional resources to better manage their stress.   

The WRASAP is currently distributing the survey across the Western regions, including Idaho, and are looking to increase response rates by promoting the survey to producers through as many communication channels as possible. The survey link is here and takes 15 minutes to complete. 

For more information on the WRASAP, visit the website and be part of the solution.  end mark

Jen Roux is a WRASAP graduate research assistant.


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