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Alfalfa Checkoff funds seven research projects

Published on 18 July 2019

Alfalfa researchers from across the country were the beneficiaries of funding generated by the Alfalfa Checkoff as seven new Alfalfa Checkoff research projects were recently funded. The U.S. Alfalfa Farmer Research Initiative (USAFRI), better known as the Alfalfa Checkoff, recently awarded the fifth round of funding to projects submitted by researchers from across the country. 

“NAFA’s Alfalfa Checkoff Review Committee focused funding on research projects which addressed a diverse range of topics within the industry,” said Beth Nelson, NAFA president. “It’s gratifying to see the program bringing new researchers into the alfalfa community.”

NAFA’s Alfalfa Checkoff request for proposals generated 16 research projects from a broad geographic area, stretching from California to New York, demonstrating continued demand among researchers for alfalfa research funding. Proposals addressed a wide range of topics intended to drive innovation and profitability in the alfalfa industry – from testing the value of genomic selection in breeding populations to improving our understanding of aphanomyces root rot in alfalfa. Research projects in California, Kentucky, New York, Washington and Wisconsin were funded. They include: (project objectives can be viewed on the NAFA website):

  • Maximizing Alfalfa’s Yield Potential
    Charles Brummer, University of California – Davis
  • Forage Production of Alfalfa Established in Silage Corn vs. Conventional Production Systems
    John Grabber, USDA-ARS, U.S. Dairy Forage Research Center

  • Developing Practical Phosphorus & Potassium Tissue Test Recommendations & Utilizing Struvite in Modern Alfalfa Systems III
    Steve Norberg, Washington State University

  • Evaluating Approaches to High-Throughput Phenotyping & Genotyping for Genomic Selection in Alfalfa
    Kelly Robbins, Cornell University

  • New Approaches to Improve Alfalfa Round Bale Storage
    Kevin Shinners, Matthew Digman, University of Wisconsin – Madison

  • “Grazing Alfalfa” Publication Update
    Ray Smith, University of Kentucky

  • Improving Our Understanding of Aphanomyces Root Rot of Alfalfa
    Kiersten Wise, University of Kentucky

The NAFA review committee selected projects that best met established research priorities, including: new and updated NAFA publications; agronomic management; feed value consistency; forage quality improvements; new uses and market development; fertility, soil management, soil health, macro/micro nutrients; and yield improvements. Proposals were scored on methodology/analytical approaches, industry need, cost-effectiveness/budget/matching funds, partnerships and outreach.  

The Alfalfa Checkoff call for proposals is released twice a year: in May with proposals due in June and in November with proposals due in December. Final reports continue to roll in and reveal important data and information. Those reports are available at the NAFA website. Be sure to bookmark this page, and continue to monitor it for continuing results throughout the year. 

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If your favorite alfalfa brand is not on the list, contact NAFA at (651) 484-3888 for information on how a seed marketer can become a participating brand.  end mark

From a National Alfalfa & Forage Alliance news release