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University of Missouri beef and forage field day drew nearly 200 attendees

Eldon Cole Published on 25 September 2013

Topics discussed at the recent beef and forage field day in Mt. Vernon, Missouri, included baleage basics; research on Kentucky 31 compared to Bar Optima Plus with different genotypes of cattle; and herbicides for weed and brush control.

In addition, supplementation of beef cows and heifers fed low-quality forage, rapid measurement of pasture growth and estrus synchronization protocols were also discussed.

University of Missouri Southwest Research Center hosted the field day with 190 attendees from across the state. A popular demonstration included the use of a four-wheeler, a computer, and a GPS unit to estimate pasture growth compared to the slow and tiresome use of a rising plate meter.

Southwest Missouri Cattlemen grilled ribeye steaks for the post-tour meal.  FG

—Eldon Cole is a livestock specialist with the University of Missouri Extension.