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Thank you, foragers: Why we celebrate #NationalForageWeek June 21-27, 2015

Published on 19 June 2015

Americans like to eat. Thoughts of our next meal hit us at least three times per day, not to mention snacking. And yet, in all our food consumption, most of us rarely think about what our meal ate before we ate products from it. Enter National Forage Week.

The week is spearheaded by the American Forage and Grassland Council as an “effort to raise awareness to the importance and impact of forages.” They produced a video to educate the public on why forage is important and launched a Facebook campaign calling on all foragers to share what they’re going to do to celebrate the week. Their images of farms and the animals that are fed by their products have circumnavigated the social media sphere.

National Forage Week social media poster

It is a time to celebrate food – animal food, that is – and the people who sweat and toil to make sure ice cream, burgers and milk grace our tables right when we crave them.

So here’s to our foragers! May you feel respected this week for the long hours you’ve toiled to add to the food chain. Happy National Forage Week. FG

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PHOTO: Photo by FG staff.