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National Hay Association holds 117th Annual Convention

National Hay Association Published on 06 November 2012
National Hay Association 117th Annual Convention

The National Hay Association held its 117th Annual Convention October 17 – 20 at the Waldorf Astoria Naples in Naples, Florida.

Stan Steffen of the Steffen Hay Company of Silverton, Oregon, was elected NHA president for 2013.

Larry Jones of Jones Farms, Oakland, Tennessee, was elected first vice-president.

David Fink of Heidle Hollow Farms, Germansville, Pennsylvania, was elected second vice-president.

NHA 2012 President Ron Bradtmueller
David Fink also received the NHA 2012 “Hay Maker” award.

The “Claude Riley Award” went to Garry Lacefield.

NHA Presidents Club, 117th annual meeting

Speakers during the convention included:

  • David McClary – Elanco: “Emphasis on improved crop yields to meet the food demand by 2050”

  • Steve Kopperud – Policy Directions Inc. (Lobby for National Feed Ingredients Association–AFIA): “How Washington’s food safety proposals will affect crop agriculture and hay industry”

  • Kevin and Chris Groom – Olsen Ag Lab: “Soil samples will increase crop yields”

  • Garry Lacefield – University of Kentucky: “Hay quality overview”

  • Tom Keene – University of Kentucky: “NFTA”

  • Dan Undersander – University of Wisconsin: “Determine hay quality”

A panel of hay producers provided personal analyses of price, quality and service.

Airboat trips and a tour of the Everglades were also highlights of the convention.  FG

TOP: National Hay Association 117th Annual Convention front entrance.

MIDDLE: NHA 2012 President Ron Bradtmueller

BOTTOM: NHA Presidents Club, 117th annual meeting. Front row (left to right): Gary Smith of South Dakota (2009), Richard Larsen of Idaho (2006), Tom Creech of Kentucky (2005) and Jeff Plourd of California (2003). Second row (left to right): Gary Freeburg of South Dakota (1993), Ron Bradtmueller of Florida (2012), Rollie Bernth of Washington (2011), Charles Roff of Virginia (1996) and Everett Van Drisse of Wisconsin (1985). Third row (left to right), Raymond Bricker of Ohio (2004), Neil Cousino of Michigan (1984), Bob Bishop of New York (2000) and Glendon Everett of Ohio (1981). Photos courtesy of National Hay Association.