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Low-lignin alfalfa receives Quality Counts award at World Dairy Expo

Progressive Forage Grower Editor Lynn Jaynes Published on 07 October 2015
Siblings Jason, Jenna and Jeff Gerber

A low-lignin alfalfa variety, Hi-Gest by Alforex, topped the Quality Counts Hay/Haylage category at the World Forage Analysis Superbowl, held in conjunction with World Dairy Expo in Madison, Wisconsin.

This category, along with Quality Counts/Corn Silage, is new to the contest this year. Winning forages were selected based on uNDF (undigestible neutral detergent fiber). Joe Berney of Berney Ranch Inc. in Okanogan, Washington, took top honors for digestibility in the hay/haylage division.

More than $22,000 in cash was presented at the awards luncheon, sponsored by Mycogen; 385 entries were evaluated. Dairyland Laboratories of DePere, Wisconsin, performed all forage analyses.

Other categories and winners were as follows:

Grand Champion Baleage – Sponsored by Agri-King

  • (25 total entries)
  • 1st Place – Pounder Brothers Inc., Delevan, Wisconsin
  • 2nd Place – Olson Farms, Lena, Wisconsin
  • 3rd Place – Mackinnon Farms, Thorntown, Wisconsin
  • 4th Place – Royal Elm Dairy, Spencer, Wisconsin
  • 5th Place – Katherine Guither, Walnut, Illinois

Grand Champion Commercial Hay – Sponsored by Nexgrow Alfalfa

  • (22 total entries)
  • 1st Place – Fegler Farms, Arapahoe, Wyoming
  • 2nd Place – Berney Ranch Inc., Okanogan, Washington
  • 3rd Place – Greer Ranch, Hyattville, Wyoming
  • 4th Place – Lazy 2K Farm, Wheatland, Wyoming
  • 5th Place – Kamps Alfalfa Farm, Darlington, Wisconsin

Grand Champion Dairy Hay – Sponsored by W-L Research

  • (46 total entries)
  • 1st Place – S & B Dairy, Sigel, Illinois
  • 2nd Place – Frozene Farm, Westfield, Wisconsin
  • 3rd Place – Olson Farms, Lena, Wisconsin
  • 4th Place – Mountainside Farm, Taylorsville, North Carolina
  • 5th Place – Austin Haywood, Hastings, Michigan

Grand Champion Grass Hay – Sponsored by Barenbrug USA

  • (33 total entries)
  • 1st Place – Angel Rose Dairy, Bainbridge, New York
  • 2nd Place – Donald Hasselquist, Osceola, Wisconsin
  • 3rd Place – Indianhead Holsteins, Barron, Wisconsin
  • 4th Place – Church Farms, Grand Marsh, Wisconsin
  • 5th Place – Dawn Mar Farm, Pitman, Pennsylvania

Grand Champion Haylage – Sponsored by Ag-Bag

  • (70 total entries)
  • 1st Place – Verhasselt Dairy, Kaukauna, Wisconsin
  • 2nd Place – Co-Vista Holsteins LLC, Arcade, New York
  • 3rd Place – Woldt Farms, Brillion, Wisconsin
  • 4th Place – Albert Martin, Colby, Wisconsin
  • 5th Place – Peterson Dairy LLC, Lena, Wisconsin

Grand Champion Standard Corn Silage – Sponsored by Agrisure Traits

  • (82 total entries)
  • 1st Place – Olson Farms, Lena, Wisconsin
  • 2nd Place – Valley View Dairy, Richland Center, Wisconsin
  • 3rd Place – Jason Baughman, Glencoe, Pennsylvania
  • 4th Place – Millview Farm, Pilesgrove, New Jersey
  • 5th Place – Peterson Dairy LLC, Lena, Wisconsin

Grand Champion BMR Corn Silage – Sponsored by Mycogen Seeds

  • (102 total entries)
  • 1st Place – Dwi-Bet Farms, Addison, New York
  • 2nd Place – Tayl-Wind Farm, Cassville, New York
  • 3rd Place – Luckwaldt Ag LLC, Woodville, Wisconsin
  • 4th Place – BGR Dairy, Lake Park, Minnesota
  • 5th Place – Emerling Dairy, Perry, New York  FG

PHOTO: Siblings Jason, Jenna and Jeff Gerber accepted a check for $1,000 on behalf of Dwi-Bet Farms (Addison, New York) for their grand champion BMR corn silage at the World Forage Analysis Superbowl in Madison, Wisconsin. Mycogen Seeds sponsored the award. Photo by Lynn Jaynes.