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60,000 view latest technology in Marathon County

Farm Technology Days Published on 25 July 2011
viewing lastest technology

The Wisconsin Farm Technology Days is the largest agricultural show in Wisconsin and one of the largest in the nation.

The three-day outdoor event showcases the latest improvements in production agriculture, including many practical applications of recent research findings and technological developments.

Each year, it is held in a different Wisconsin county – on a different host family farm.

The 2011 Farm Technology Days was held July 12-14 in Marathon County, Wisconsin. Seehafer Acres, owned and operated by Ken and Karen Seehafer, was the host farm for the event. 

Seehafer Acres is a third generation family farm that was purchased by Ken’s grandfather in 1930. What started out as an 80-acre farm has now grown to more than 600 acres and more than 200 milking cows.

New choppers

The event drew an estimated 60,000 visitors. They criss-crossed 850 acres to see and talk with more than 500 commercial exhibitors in Tent City.

In addition, specialists and county extension agents from the University of Wisconsin and state and federal agencies were on hand to answer questions.

One hundred educational exhibits, special interest displays, and field machinery demonstrations provided something of interest for everyone. Forage cutting, merging, baling, chopping and storage demonstrations were the featured field demonstrations during the show.

More than 1,500 dedicated volunteers were recruited to serve in the planning and execution of this event. They were led by the 2011 Farm Technology Days Executive Committee.

Committee members included: Keith Langenhahn, chairman; Jerome Oelke, vice-chairman; Tim Buttke, treasurer; Mike Wildeck, executive secretary; Len Bayer; Sandi Cihlar; Scott Mickelsen; Craig Mortenson; Jilayne Radtke; Karen Seehafer; Ken Seehafer; Glenn Thompson; Russ Wilson; and Jenn Zimmermann.

The 2012 event is planned for July 17-19 in Outagamie County.  FG

—From Farm Technology Days websites

TOP: A scene on Seventh Street during the second day of the show.

BOTTOM: Forage harvesting demonstration at the 2011 show. An estimated 60 feet were merged into a single large windrow.
Photos courtesy of Farm Technology Days.