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Progressive Forage Issue 1 2018

January 1

Equipment purchases and trades are at the forefront of producers’ minds at this time of year, as well as keeping the current equipment running. This issue is dedicated to forage equipment – how fast will it go, improving stability for farm tractors, mower options and more. It’s also time to consider planning next season’s forage crops, consider interest rates and borrowing, and catch up on record keeping. Experts from around the country offer updates and decision tools for these issues.

Progressive Forage Issue 3 2018

March 1

Our annual forage statistics poster is included in this issue of Progressive Forage. Our outlook experts look at the past year’s record along with the 2018 trajectory in hay pricing. Find out where your state stacks up in forage production. One producer shows us his plungerless design for a hay baler, and another shares his journey of farming and ranching in Georgia. This, along with soil health, alfalfa advances and more is included in this great issue.

Progressive Forage Issue 4 2018

April 1

This issue of Progressive Forage focuses on hay production and storage. Read about a New Jersey and New York hay operation, and how both adapted to changing markets and demographics. You’ll also find how to make “back-breaking” work safer and more comfortable this hay season with assistive technologies.

Also, be sure to check out a visual with tips for outside round bale hay storage and Paul Marchant’s article, “Son, you’re no quitter."

Progressive Forage Issue 5 2018

May 1

This issue covers irrigation advantages and water savings on alfalfa – from subsurface drip and LESA to mobile drip systems. Several equipment articles cover selection criteria for forage harvesters, tractors and front-end loaders. Knowledgeable resources also delve into the pasture benefits of crabgrass, incorporating clovers and managing for regrowth. As always, we’ve packed it with information and there’s something in it for you!

Progressive Forage Issue 6 2018

June 1

This issue of Progressive Forage focuses on pasture management. You’ll find information on finishing cattle on pasture as well as tips on getting a grip on noxious brush and weeds. Just about everything you need to know for a successful grazing season is right here.

Also in this issue, read about an Alberta grazier who went from mechanically harvesting feeds and applying nutrients to letting the cows do the work. And, are you soil testing? Hear why soil testing is worth the cost.

Progressive Forage Issue 7 2018

July 15

This issue of Progressive Forage looks at silage production and storage. Whether it’s discussing proper fermentation or packing preparation, you’ll find topics that can help improve this year’s harvest. Also, be sure to read the article on crafting a professional image for your harvesting business.

And, are you grazing toxic endophyte-infected tall fescue? One expert shares how it's diminishing your economic returns.

Progressive Forage Issue 8 2018

September 1

The latest issue of Progressive Forage has topics ranging from firing problem employees to answering the big question: Why are hay lab test results different?

Also, for those that have a spouse as a business partner, the author and business advisor, Rena Striegel, outlines four strategies that can help get everyone on the same page while strengthening the business as well as personal relationships. One of those happens to be implementing “business-free zones.”

Last, but definitely not least, you’ll want to read our columnist Paul Marchant’s latest escapade as “king of the barn.”

Progressive Forage Issue 9 2018

October 1

The latest issue of Progressive Forage is a special dairy issue, highlighting topics of interest to dairy producers – topics like snaplage, non-GMO crop production in a dairy system and the role of alfalfa in the dairy ration.

Not leaving out beef producers and hay producers, authors also discuss decision markers for taking out an alfalfa stand, using cool-season grasses to complement corn silage, what to do with ruined hay and how to choose a soil sampling scheme.

Regular columnists Brad Nelson and Paul Marchant always round out a good issue with their wit and common sense. Read these and current market reports in this issue!

Progressive Forage Issue 10 2018

November 1

We hear a lot about weather conditions guiding alfalfa-cutting strategies, but research suggests market conditions should play a bigger role.

It’s time to re-evaluate the silage year and prepare the seed shopping list for next season. Ev Thomas guides that discussion to help producers zero-in on hybrid decisions. And Eddie Funderburg gives tips on saving the nitrogen benefits of urea applications.

Always popular, we have highlighted producer equipment inventions – a double baler, a portable hay dryer and a portable full-bed truck scale. Learn about these inventions, hay market reports, forage news and more with this issue.

Progressive Forage Issue 11 2018

December 1

As grasses go dormant across the country, we look for ways we can cut back on the feed bill while still maintaining animal condition. This issue takes a look at feeding techniques such as bale grazing and utilizing corn residue, as well as quality treatments such as anhydrous ammonia.

Spring planting may seem a ways off, but now is the time to reevaluate your forage program. Chad Hale outlines a few grass varieties and the region and management they grow best under. Research on combating saline-laden soils is also featured.

Lastly, be sure to read Christmas messages from the editor, Cassidy Woolsey and popular columnist, Paul Marchant as we reflect on the reason for the season.