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Progressive Forage Grower Issue 1 2017

January 1

In the first issue of the year, Progressive Forage focuses on getting your financials in order. Whether it’s outlining strategies to reduce costs and efficiently manage your farm in low-income years, providing tips for banking during the good and the bad, or reflecting on lessons learned from the ’80s farm crisis; it’s all here and more.

Also, be sure to check out the top 10 online articles for 2016 and one North Carolina operation’s strategic pasture and cattle management. You don’t want to miss it.

Progressive Forage Grower Issue 2 2017

February 1

Seeds and planting are on everyone’s mind in February. In this issue the experts explain the difference in fall dormancy and winter hardiness, and help producers determine which rating to adjust for better results. Several management articles help with corn silage decisions, contract feed production and a hay management plan. In preparation for spring, you’ll find soil health articles and research results on bermudagrass pastures. Our producer feature this month comes from Denio, Nevada, where sagebrush was turned into alfalfa pivots.

Progressive Forage Grower Issue 3 2017

March 1

Choosing a cover crop mix can be challenging; one Kansas producer tells us what he uses to gain “cheap feed” for his calves. Producers in Tennessee share their farm fixer-upper story and their plan to achieve quality hay and a custom heifer grazing operation. And find out how your state ranks in forage production across the U.S. with our stats poster insert.

Progressive Forage Grower Issue 4 2017

April 1

Have you ever tried to make sense of variety trials and adapt them for your area? Popular author Woody Lane, Ph.D., helps you navigate the options. We break out of the more common forage products to bring you articles on triticale and small grains, increasingly used as forages. You'll find articles on practical management decisions like how to find summer labor, how to combat pasture insects and forage pests, and how to assess alfalfa winter kill. You'll find the latest hay and forage issues and solutions in this issue.

Progressive Forage Grower Issue 5 2017

May 1

From building a bale spear to telehandler tips, this issue covers hay equipment technologies you can use. This issue addresses questions like, “How often should you move your cattle?” and “Will baleage work for a backgrounding diet?” Practical help in farm financial management highlights the topics you need to care about.

Progressive Forage Grower Issue 6 2017

June 1

Whether it’s adjusting mowers for native grasses, keeping ash out of your hay or baleage wrapping dos and don’ts, this issue has you covered this hay season. You can also read one couple’s story on how they went from two cows to 30 head by successfully rotationally grazing. All this and more for a successful season.

Progressive Forage Grower Issue 7 2017

July 15

Is chemical-less no-till a realistic goal? When pricing silage, did you account for the value of the manure? Wind power is cool, but is it right for you? Do you manage BMR and conventional corn varieties in the same silage pile? Have you thought about growing certified weed-free hay? You have questions, and our qualified authors give you answers.

Progressive Forage Grower Issue 8 2017

September 1

Many producers face the reality that opportunities for land expansion are limited. Find out how one New York producer is successfully coping. From cover crops and brassicas to small grains grazing, alternative crops help you fill the forage gaps. And grazing every last bite of grass is not necessarily profitable – discover that breakeven point. Hay, silage and equipment – we have it all in this issue.

Progressive Forage Grower Issue 9 2017

October 1

U.S. Dairy Forage Research Center Director Mark Boggess starts us off this issue with a thought-piece, discussing the grand challenge ahead of the dairy industry in planning forages for cows of the future – well worth the read. We also discuss when grazing every last blade of grass becomes unprofitable – yes, you read that right: unprofitable. And nutrient management is discussed by several authors to help you get the best return for your buck. It’s another great lineup – don’t miss it!

Progressive Forage Grower Issue 10 2017

November 1

High-profile women in agriculture discuss the changing roles for women and the impetus for change. An Oregon rancher shares his process of learning to make silage, and Virginia producers talk about their beef production on an untraditional forage – switchgrass. And we bring you a look at seed coatings versus seed treatments; find what’s right for you. All this and more, in your favorite forage magazine.

Progressive Forage Grower Issue 11 2017

December 1

Hay storage options include sheds, barns, pads, tarps, pits or plastic wrap. Options are discussed to help growers manage hay with minimal losses from weather or wildlife. In preparation for next growing season, approaches to interseeding cover crops are examined. And a Canadian cattleman shares his forage system progress. Another great issue of your favorite forage magazine awaits!