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Progressive Forage Grower Issue 1 2016

January 1

Producers have a better understanding in January of the farm financials; and it’s time to assess what direction the farm will take in the new year. In this issue, forage experts help you track the production and financial trends, update you on shredlage studies and take a look at on-farm soil test kits and new alfalfa technologies. We also bring you the top online articles of 2015; you won’t want to miss it.

Progressive Forage Grower Issue 2 2016

February 1

Despite what you may hear, researchers haven’t given up on tall fescue management; updates in this issue give new hope for successful management. In addition, many forage growers have access to inexpensive poultry litter, and forage specialists and producers explain the advantages and disadvantages. Also, producers and range specialists wanting to improve rangeland and pastures discuss how to find the most productive species for individual conditions.

Progressive Forage Grower Issue 3 2016

March 1

This issue discusses sweet forages and afternoon cuttings to help producers decide if this practice is economically feasible. We also take an in-depth look at using RFV or RFQ to determine forage quality, and a practical guide to adjusting round bale core and density.

Also featured in this issue is our popular Forage Statistics Poster. This attractive poster can be proudly displayed for your customers with hay, silage and alfalfa production acres listed by state.

Progressive Forage Grower Issue 4 2016

April 1

Before the first planter hits the field, every forage producer is preparing for another busy season. In this issue, we discuss equipment needs, a hay marketing app, a practical in-field way to test windrow moisture, and what producers need to do to produce clean feed. This issue also highlights education about current pest and disease pressures, like alfalfa snout beetle, Race 3 aphanomyces root rot, and the war on rodents. Our experts tell how to mitigate these problems for successful crops.

Progressive Forage Grower Issue 5 2016

May 1

This issue highlights the soil impact with a continuous corn silage and discusses a place for warm-season grasses in a forage system. We also bring the story of a producer who adapts his operation to accommodate new conservation laws, without breaking the farm. As always, we bring you education and insight into hay, silage and pasture management.

Progressive Forage Grower Issue 6 2016

June 1

Are you wondering how to price standing hay? Ron Kuck helps us with that problem in this issue, and a Texas producer talks about the value of Tifton 85 in the horse hay markets. As a special feature, John Heard takes us on a state soils safari and shows us the “official” soils from across North America.

Progressive Forage Grower Issue 7 2016

July 15

This issue focuses on silage – sorghum silage, mycotoxins in silage, shredlage and comparing corn silage hybrids. A special layout shows you step-by-step how to determine forage moisture content. In addition, experts discuss whether to make hay or buy hay, how to find new hay customers and whether or not a drone is right for your business.

Progressive Forage Grower Issue 8 2016

September 1

This issue explores Eckenberg Farms and the hay export business. With days growing cooler and getting shorter, we also discuss fall energy management in alfalfa and winter injury prevention, as well as precision nutrient management in forage systems.

Progressive Forage Grower Issue 9 2016

October 1

A dairyman in Missouri shares insights from his fight against fescue in a pasture system. We also focus on equipment throughout this issue – from truck scales and bale processors to drones and operator training. Whether you manage hay, silage or pasture, there's something in this issue for you.

Progressive Forage Grower Issue 10 2016

November 15

A successful family hay operation in Oregon shares their communication style. We also focus on equipment in this issue – including insurance, purchase opportunities and equipment fixes. Our Thanksgiving issue also highlights the blessings we enjoy in this wonderful agricultural industry of ours. You won’t want to miss it.