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Progressive Forage Grower Issue 10 2015

November 15

Eighty percent of our readers feed some type of livestock, but because of expense they don’t want to feed stored forages one day longer than they have to. In this issue we discuss grazing options and how to make forages stretch. Seventy-nine percent of our readers must manage employees but have likely never taken a human resources course. We’ll help them navigate these dicey waters.

Progressive Forage Grower Issue 8 2015

September 1

Producers are increasingly savvy about nutritional content of forages, and how to price forages based on nutritional content. This issue builds on that base, discussing forage quality and how to decode nutritional tests. In addition, producers will find ideas on minimizing the risks for fall alfalfa harvest. We also discuss a silage audit and discuss ways to improve and maintain feed value in silages.

Progressive Forage Grower Issue 7 2015

July 15

If you chop silage, you're not alone; 47 percent of our readers produce corn silage and 49 percent produce other silages or greenchop. Producers have only one shot at silage harvest, so in this issue silage experts highlight different facets of silage production to help you get it right. We also bring you finance management articles on hay pricing and controlling net income before harvest. This is an issue you don't want to miss.

Progressive Forage Grower Issue 6 2015

June 1

Eighty percent of our readers pasture livestock. In this issue we examine pasture soil and plant health issues, and opportunities for contract grazing. We also take a closer look at labor changes in custom harvesting and corn population density. Researchers also explain what's coming 'down the pike' for alfalfa redesign.

Progressive Forage Grower Issue 5 2015

May 1

It’s been said that water is the new gold standard. Certainly water continues to be an area of adjustment for all regions, as climate changes occur. In this issue we help producers understand these changes and delineate adjustment strategies. We also present education about current pest and disease pressures and how to mitigate these problems for a successful crop.

Progressive Forage Grower Issue 4 2015

April 1

Before the first tractor hits the field, every forage producer prepares equipment for another busy season. In this issue, we’ll discuss the dynamics of crop establishment and production, along with factors to consider when purchasing haying equipment or adding baleage to your operation.