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Forage Types

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Generous rainfall in some areas in 2009 has given the potential for great grass growth, but was it managed to yield a high tonnage of quality forage?

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After several years of trying with a spectacular lack of success to grow alfalfa-grass on leased land that has very low phosphorus (P) and potassium (K) fertility, I’ve finally had to admit that it’s been a flop.

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Dairyland Seed
HybriForce-2400 represents the next generation of hybrid alfalfas developed by Dairyland Seed. It provides consistently higher yields across varying environments, while maintaining the same uniformity and palatability of the original HybriForce products.

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The National Alfalfa & Forage Alliance (NAFA) has released its 2010 Edition of “Winter Survival, Fall Dormancy & Pest Resistant Ratings for Alfalfa Varieties.”

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BASF Plant Science
BASF Plant Science is improving the nutritional value of corn silage used for feeding livestock through our NutriDense® traits. Corn hybrids containing NutriDense Silage traits can help dairy producers increase the profitability of their operations.

NutriDense Corn Silage allows dairy producers to maintain milk production on less feed. Compared to other silage hybrids, NutriDense Silage has a higher protein level, which means producers can reduce their dependency on off-farm feedstuffs.

NutriDense Silage is more digestible, so the cows receive a greater nutritional benefit and more energy from the feed. University studies consistently show that NutriDense Silage gives cows an advantage in milk production efficiency.

This all adds up to significantly lower feed costs and greater profitability for dairy producers, which is particularly important in today’s economy. Hybrids with NutriDense Silage traits are available from the following seed companies: Croplan Genetics, Dyna-Gro, Fielder’s Choice, FS Seed and Renk Seed.

Dyna-Gro Seed
V4884HXTRNS is a 108-day NutriDense forage product with superior digestability. NutriDense Hybrids have improved fiber digestion and allows for reducing the amount of corn needed in the ration.

V4884HXTRNS has:
• Strong emergence and early seedling vigor for early planting.
• Excellent silage yields, high milk/ton and milk/acre.
• Very good results when applied to Milk 2006 calculations.
•Very good root strength and stalk integrity for easy harvest.
• The yield protection of Heculex XTRA and the ease of RR2 or Liberty for weed control.

V5294HXTRNS is a 112-day NutriDense forage product with softer kernels for better fermentation and less need for kernel processing. As with V4884HXTRNS, V5294HXTRNS has improved fiber digestion and allows for reducing the amount of corn needed in the ration.

V5294HXTRNS has:
• Strong emergence and early seedling vigor for use in any tillage practice.
• Moderate ear flex and good ear girthy with top performance at higher populations.
• Early tonnage tests have exceeded 30 tons per acre when corrected to 70 percent whole plant moisture.
• The yield protection of Heculex XTRA and the ease of RR2 or Liberty for weed control. There is also a RR2 version available as V52R96NS.

DKC67-88 (GENVT3P) brand – This DEKALB silage corn product offers excellent starch content and silage yield potential. It is adapted to most crop rotations and delivers high milk per ton and milk per acre. DKC67-88 features good root and stalk strength and drought tolerance. It also includes new Genuity™ VT Triple PRO™ insect-control technology for both above- and below-ground pests.

DKC53-45 (GENSS) brand –DKC53-45 offers excellent milk per ton and milk per acre potential, as well as high silage yield potential and starch content. It is widely adapted across a broad range of environments and cropping rotations, and offers excellent emergence and seeding growth. This product also features the new Genuity™ SmartStax™ technology for the absolute broadest spectrum of above- and below-ground insect protection.

NuTech 3A-804 – This is a genetically unique 104-day variety with a combination of the key elements that make a great corn silage hybrid. 3A-804 boasts huge tonnage capacity in its class of hybrids, complemented by forage quality and low kernel prolamin zein levels, which is now the newest industry leading starch evaluation which is helping manage corn silage to maximize starch availability. This hybrid has shown excellent versatility on various soils and environments, and moves north for a late corn silage option, as well as east to west. 3A-804 is being actively grown by corn silage producers throughout the Midwest with great reviews.

3T-310 is a 110-day dual purpose high performance hybrid with strong tonnage record. To meet demands of this large plant and meet the performance capacity, we suggest placement on heavier soil types, and higher-yield environments. This is rootworm-protected, so you can move this to your high-productive corn on corn acres for field versatility. Nutritionally, 3T-310 has a moderate prolamin zein kernel starch level, so allowing this corn silage to ferment longer in your storage system will potentially help you gain more from the starch found within that kernel.

Jung Seed Genetics 7296VT3 – 88RM
• Excellent seedling emergence and growth for early planting.
• Strong root system allows for good westward movement.
• Outstanding test weight and grain quality will appeal to the grain farmer.

7344VT3 – 91RM
• Workhorse-type product that has good westward adaptation.
• Flagship performer for the northern corn belt grower.
• Should be planted early to take advantage of early season plant characteristics.

7S447 – 95RM Genuity SmartStax
• Step change in total performance as this product is compared to others of the same maturity.
• Exciting yield potential with very rapid drydown is packaged with above- average test weight and attractive plant appearance.
• Early flowering feature allows for good northward movement.

7S487 – 99RM Genuity SmartStax
• Has superb yield across low to moderately high soil productivity and is considered widely adapted.
• Offers a package of strong roots, stalks, and test weight along with very stable performance, east to west.

7514VT3 – 102RM
• Excellent top-end yield potential will establish benchmark performance levels.
• Robust plant type with fast early season growth makes for a premier product at this maturity.
• Luxury level genetics with the ultimate in trait platforms serve up legendary performance.

Dairyland Seed
Dairyland’s HiD.F.-3105-Q is a 105-day silage maturity hybrid that offers Herculex Xtra protection stacked with both Liberty and Roundup tolerance. It provides consistent plant health which will allow you to spread your harvest window when needed. Through multiple years of testing this hybrid has consistently performed at the top of our silage trials. It has outstanding forage yield with excellent digestibility characteristics.

HiD.F.-3000SSX is the first SmartStax silage hybrid released from the Dairyland Seed silage plant breeding program. It is a very tall, robust plant with a superior silage yield rating. Scores high in all silage categories while excelling with its milk-per-acre rating. Rated very highly for starch content and whole-plant digestibility. dNDF, kernel texture, crude protein, plant synchronicity and length of grain fill all achieve strong, desirable marks. Drought-tolerant and receptive to high plant population while producing high tonnage.

TMF2Q717 is one of two new Mycogen® brand Silage-Specific™ hybrids offering SmartStax™ for 2010 planting. TMF2Q717 is an excellent choice for growers interested in greater digestibility and increased milk production, along with maximum tonnage and built-in protection from above- and below-ground pests. Growers will experience a yield advantage due to reduced refuge requirements, since TMF2Q717 requires a 5 percent refuge instead of the traditional 20 percent requirement for first-generation Bt traits. Its excellent gray leaf spot tolerance makes TMF2Q717 a strong choice for Eastern silage producers.

TMF2R522 is another Mycogen® brand Silage-Specific™ corn hybrid offering SmartStax™. New Mycogen SmartStax silage hybrids deliver the broadest spectrum of insect control in the latest genetics for greater digestibility, milk production and yield. TMF2R522 is a 98-day, nonleafy hybrid that provides high tonnage and offers very good gray leaf spot tolerance and standability.

TMF2R522 shows a strong, positive response to intensive management practices. Growers planting this can experience a yield advantage due to reduced refuge requirements. Like all Mycogen SmartStax hybrids, TMF2R522 has built-in protection, all season, from both above- and below-ground corn pests, including earworm, fall armyworm, western bean cutworm and rootworm.

Masters Choice MasterGraze™ BMR
Masters Choice Hybrids is mindful of feed costs, which is easily one of the largest expenses in livestock production. This knowledge is what has driven the Masters Choice Research and Development division to create an alternate route to lower feed costs for the farmer.

Those efforts have resulted in a revolutionary high sugar level specialty forage called MasterGraze™ BMR. MasterGraze™ BMR is a corn hybrid producing massive amounts of feed tonnage per acre compared to summer sudans and the brown midrib characteristics make the tonnage more digestible than other silage varieties. Extensive lab analyses have found MasterGraze™ BMR to have extremely high protein levels (15 to 20 percent) and low lignin content, making the stalk just as digestible as the leaves.

The uniqueness of the leafy, tillering forage allows MasterGraze™ to often exceed 5 ton dry BMR matter per acre with a high-quality yield in only 7-8 weeks. Your livestock will find it sweet and palatable which results in increased milk and meat, optimizing your production potential.  FG


Blade Energy Crops
New switchgrass and sorghum seed varieties from Blade Energy Crops have been selected for use in the production of advanced biofuels and biopower. Switchgrass: For 2010 plantings, Blade has expanded its switchgrass lineup, which now includes three improved varieties – EG 1101, EG 1102 and EG 2101.

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