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New varieties 2010 — Alfalfa

Published on 11 November 2009


Dairyland Seed
HybriForce-2400 represents the next generation of hybrid alfalfas developed by Dairyland Seed. It provides consistently higher yields across varying environments, while maintaining the same uniformity and palatability of the original HybriForce products.

HybriForce-2400 is the result of ongoing research utilizing our proprietary patented msSunstra® Hybrid Alfalfa Technology, the same technology used to produce the world’s first hybrid alfalfa, HybriForce-400. HybriForce-2400 and closely related prototypes of this hybrid have been tested in public-university trials since 2006.

In a summary of all the head-to-head comparisons in Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa and New York, HybriForce-2400 Gen-2 has a win-loss record of 197 to 12, winning 94.3 percent of the time against all competing varieties. HybriForce-420/Wet is the world’s first branch-rooted hybrid alfalfa, designed specifically for saturated soils.

Our patented msSunstra® Hybrid Alfalfa technology combines high forage yield potential with a prolific branch root system, which allows HybriForce-420/Wet to thrive in both wet and well-drained soils. It is an excellent choice for low ground fields and buffer zone fields along waterways.

The genetically designed branch root system keeps more of the root structure above the water table and better anchors the plant when freezing and thawing occurs. The branch root trait will adjust with more lateral roots as moisture stresses intensify.

Syngenta Seeds
Syngenta Seeds, Inc. has united the history and traditions of Garst®, Golden Harvest® and NK Seeds® brands to provide the best possible alfalfa variety portfolio. Top-line genetics and cutting-edge technology from all three brands have been combined to bring high-yielding, high-quality alfalfa varieties with outstanding winterhardiness for longer, healthier stands.

The new portfolio includes three new Syngenta alfalfa releases for spring 2010 planting: 64Q22, 64H75 and 63Q05. 64Q22 is the new alfalfa industry leader for most growing areas. This variety provides top-quality forage for dairies and is a step-change in yield potential over current alfalfa varieties.

This variety also provides outstanding winterhardiness in a full fall dormancy 4 variety with very fast recovery for multiple-cut systems. Another new 2010 alfalfa variety, 63Q05 is a new generation fall dormancy 3 leader that provides great quality and yield. 63Q05 also demonstrates exceptional winterhardiness and persistence with a top disease rating for defensive capability.

DKA41-23HG brand – This DEKALB® alfalfa product features high yield potential in the presence of potato leafhopper, with excellent resistance to this pest. It offers excellent disease resistance, with a disease resistance index rating of 30 out of 30. DKA41-23HG is very winterhardy with FD4. DKA43-13 brand – This DEKALB® alfalfa product offers excellent forage yield potential and forage quality. It provides excellent disease resistance, with a disease resistance index rating of 30 out of 30. DKA43-13 is very winterhardy, and also features fast regrowth (green up) after harvest.

Producer’s Choice
PGI 557 alfalfa (FD=5, WSI=2) – PGI 557 combines into one package all the traits the dairyman needs for high profits. PGI 557 displays excellent winter survival, pest resistance, and most importantly, high yields combined with top-of-the-line forage quality. PGI 557 was developed from crossing the top 1% of elite plants from yield trials and nursery plants screened for high forage yield, high milk/acre and high digestibility. PGI 557 also has excellent resistance to stem nematode, a new important pest in the western U.S.

PGI 908-S alfalfa (FD=9) – PGI 908-S – Number 1 in University of Arizona trials, PGI 908-S demonstrates increased germination and yield performance on marginally saline soils. PGI 908-S was developed by crossing elite high-yielding plants that also had the ability to germinate and produce forage under saline stress conditions. PGI 908-S combines into one variety the desirable traits of yield, salt tolerance, stem nematode resistance, and improved cow pea aphid resistance.

Tri-West Seeds
Arapaho II is a salt-tolerant variety selected out of saline seep soils in North Dakota. The parent plants were selected for persistence in soils where the soils salts are pushed to the surface of the ground. Arapaho II has expressed the ability to yield comparable to salt-tolerant check varieties at the University of Arizona greenhouse forage yield trials.

It is a fall dormancy 3.8 with branch-rooted tendencies. Arapaho II expresses excellent persistence and high forage-yielding ability. It has an erect growth habit that will stand well in thick stands. Arapaho II will be marketed by Tri-West Seed.

Arrowhead II is a deep-set crowned, fall dormancy 2.4. The crowns are placed about 1-1.5 inches below the soil surface. These deep- set crowns give excellent tolerance to animal and wheel traffic stresses. Arrowhead II produces a large first harvest and moderate forage yields throughout the summer season.

Arrowhead II performs best in both well-drained, high-producing as well as less-than-ideal soils. It has a solid disease, insect and nematode resistance package that helps defend itself in adverse environments. Arrowhead II is marketed by Tri-West Seed.  FG