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Slideshow: Eckenberg Farms exports hay

Published on 29 August 2016

Eckenberg Farms "plays in shades of green" as they negotiate hay cube sales in the foreign marketplace. With 50 years of pride behind them, Eckenberg Farms in Mattawa, Washington, works with export markets to place hay cubes containing 18 percent protein in the hands of cattle feeders worldwide.

Bob Eckenberg says it's an education process on the customer end, helping them understand the scale of U.S. agriculture, and hay quality coupled with visual appearance.

Much of the processing equipment at Eckenberg Farms was built on-site to accommodate the expanding markets and industry needs. Their storage facilities can hold 9,000 metric tons (MT) of hay cubes, 3,000 MT of specialty cubes and 10,000 MT of raw materials. Today, Eckenberg Farms exports 98 percent of their product.  end mark

View their operation in the slideshow below. Photos by Audrey Schmitz.

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