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An interview with Dr. Garry Lacefield, Extension Forage Specialist, University of Kentucky

Q. How did you get started in the forage industry?

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What was the best and worst part of operating in 2008?

“The best part for me was the weather. We didn’t have any rained- on hay, and the timing was good for all cuttings. Not too much went wrong with the year.

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Editor’s note: The following is the first in a series of interviews conducted with industry-leading professionals and educators.

Progressive Forage Grower posed the following forward-thinking questions to individuals whose work plays a key role in moving forage production forward over the next several years. Dr. Neal Martin is the director of the U.S. Dairy Forage Research Center

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Will hay production remain profitable against current input prices?

“At least for now, it has gone hand in hand.

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Through most of the year, Cranberry Creek Dairy appears to be your average dairy farm with a milking parlor, freestall barns, machine shed and feed storage, but come the first hard frost of the year, some of Santa’s many elves descend on the dairy and convert a couple of the farm buildings into Christmas workshops.

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Are commodity prices changing your operation?
“Since we produce both crops and run a dairy, commodity prices are really starting to cut into our profits.

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